Hustler Flex Forks and Seat??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mimowerman, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Mimowerman

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    I am in the market for a hustler super z , and some of the options I wanted to get was the flex forks and flex seat. My dealer told me that the flex seat wasn't necessary ! He claims the flex forks and the suspension seat that comes standard on the hustler are more than enough, he rarely sells the seat upgrades , just flex forks!! They deal mainly in government and I think budgets are tight , so they don't add the 300 dollar flex seat for employees , just the boss man . So my question to you all , Flex seat or not with flex forks ??? Thanks in advance!! :drinkup:
  2. bfmower

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    I have sold a couple of Hustler Z mowers with flex forks and flex seat. The combination makes the mower ride like a Cadillac even at the higher speeds. The customers that bought the machines love the add ons.
  3. Grits

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    I haven't driven one with the flex seat. I have driven one with the flex forks and suspension seat. GREAT ride!!!! This is all I would need.
  4. fool32696

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    I haven't ridden one with both, but mine has flex forks and suspension seat and rides great. I don't have any plans to add the flex seat.
  5. puppypaws

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    I had the first flex forks on a Super Z in my area and my dealer got one flex seat when they first came out and it went on my mower. I'm 58 with two narrowed vertebrae in the L-4 area of my spine, which means I can have back problems occasionally.

    The flex forks and suspension seat give an excellent ride but the flex seat takes the back slap completely out. When I talk about back slap, I'm talking about hitting a rough spot running very fast (as I do most all the time) and getting thrown against the back of the seat. With the regular suspension seat there is no back and forth motion, which means you hit the seat pretty hard with your back on a pronounced rough area. The flex seat gives a rocking chair motion which eliminates all back slap and definitely gives a better ride. The ride difference means an enormous amount to me because I mow at full speed a great deal of the time and I am past the bull riding age.

    If money is not an item that sways your thinking, I personally would not be without my flex forks and flex seat. The order I would put the additions to be installed for comfort are, 1) suspension seat, 2) flex forks 3) flex seat and they each make a difference.
  6. tb8100

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    Is the flex seat anything more than a Michigan suspension seat like you can get on Toro, Bad Boy, Scag, and others? Looks the same, but I've never sat on Hustler's.
  7. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    Totally different concept, I have pictures posted on this forum. The base mounts directly under the suspension seat which is standard on the Super Z.
    When you sit on the mower with the engine not running it is like sitting in a rocking chair, it will lean back like a recliner if you put enough weight against it, they are very comfortable. You just replace the base on your suspension seat with the flex base.
  8. puppypaws

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    Here is a picture of the flex base!

    Pictures Mower and Grass 006.jpg
  9. tb8100

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    link? :usflag:
  10. tb8100

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    nvm, I should have refreshed. Wonder how that flex seat would ride coupled with Bad Boy's 4-wheel suspension...

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