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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Prime Seasons, Nov 29, 2000.

  1. Prime Seasons

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    I just happened to think of this last night. Most start out in a small shed or shop and then work for bigger & better everything. Well I wondered are gross profits proportional to shop square footage?

    Last season I was in a smaller shop and grossed $65.10/sq ft. This year, in my new & bigger shop, I have grossed $51.97/sq ft. Prime Seasons increased business by about 35% from last year so the numbers are really just nonsense i.e. for fun...

    Don't tell us what your sq footage or gross profit is, just how much you earned per sq ft.

  2. Richard Martin

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  3. MOW ED

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    46.86 give or take a few.
  4. Ocutter

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    About 58.88 per s.f.
  5. Skookum

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    1998 - $250.00 per sq ft
    1999 - $166.00 per sq ft
    2000 - $125.00 per sq ft
  6. Lazer

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    I need a bigger shop!

    ($208.00/sq. ft. - including office)
  7. paul

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    Lazer, I'm with you bigger shop needed. :)
  8. Lazer

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    Well, hokey smokes, paul!

    In that case, I need more work!
  9. paul

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    Just need a bigger shop, like to find a 1 acre parcle with a 5,000 sq. ft. shop on it, running out of room for equipment inside mine.
  10. $ 269.00 includes shop and secure storage, not vehicles.

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