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    I am looking for ideas on benefits for LVLIA members. Any input would be great. It seems to me, by reading threads on this site that people want "more stuff" for the funds that are paid for annual membership. What kind of "stuff". Let me hear from you guys.
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    I'll repost this from my previous thread. Is going to the conference the only way to benefit from being a member? Will I gain any knowledge otherwise? Is the forum very active? You mentioned that you receive discounts from select distributors....minimal discounts? Are there any publications with membership? Is the certification exam broken down well, and do they supply study material?

    I guess that's all I can think of at the moment.

  3. Pro-Scapes

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    A publication would be a key asset. Help everyone stay current with licensing and other requirments by state.

    Some tips and tricks collums would be nice in there too. Might help EVERYONE out in ways they might never of thought of asking about.

    I think there is definatly more potential there even if dues need to increase some. Would be worth an increase if you got more out of it.
  4. NightScenes

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    Chad, let me start by saying that the conference is not the only way to benefit, although it is a strong benefit. The forum is not as active as I would like and it is being updated as I post this. I am hopeful that it will become much more active and of course, all of the members who participate are professional and very knowledgeable in this business. Members do receive great discounts from distributors like Terradek. I can only speak for myself, but I have saved enough this year to not only cover the cost of membership but also cover the cost of going to Arizona in January for the conference. This means that I have saved well in excess of $1000 by being a member of the LVLIA and purchasing from a distributor that offers special pricing for members. There are some brochures that you receive with your membership, but I would like to see something else. Maybe soon. Things are moving in the right direction. The certification is broken down into a written exam and 7 hands-on exams. This covers pretty much everything to do with low voltage landscape lighting and it is very thorough. A study guide is provided with registration for the exam.

    I hope this has answered some of your questions. I feel the need to say that the LVLIA is still a young organization that is growing slowly and needs members that are willing to help shape it into a strong national association. Some people join an organization and thats it. They don't get involved and then ask what the organization is doing for them, instead of taking it upon themselves to help in the building of the organization and making it stronger, therefore making it something to be proud of.

    I'm sorry for such a long post, please let me know if there are any ideas as to benefits that should be added.

  5. NightScenes

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    Billy, there is a quarterly E publication for the membership. It covers a lot of different aspects of this industry as well as business in general. There is also a section that covers the states' license requirements and it is being updated as I post this. A tips and tricks column is a good idea and I will make a note of it. We do discuss tips and tricks on our online forum though.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    Sounds like most orginizations... 20% of the memebers do 80% of the work. Its true in Churches and just about anything I have ever been a memeber of.

    One thing i do worry about is being deaf and missing 90% of what goes on at the confrence. I guess I just need to overcome that fear. I would try and bring my wife.

    FYI Paul we are joining the Kichler premier program. I gotta get with Chuck and see what we can do about getting lights with leads.
  7. NightScenes

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    Maybe we can get an interpreter for you at the conference. My daughter is taking sign language as a second language and she is actually pretty good. This is her second year.
    Billy, I thought you were already signed up for the Kichler program. If you need help getting signed up, let me know. I will talk to Michele and get you set up. Also, Kichler will be coming out with the longer leads in January.
  8. Pro-Scapes

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    I cant find Michelle rybus's email... If you can fwd me that.. I didnt sign up yet as I have been happy with my line. I did use 3 kichlers on this last product. Seems clients really love some of thier novelty fixtures like the squirell running up the post.

    We will be doing a Zen garden collection as soon as the gardens built (spring maybe). I have only spent about 1000 in Kichler so far this year so dont expect to see me on the trip lol :)

    I dont sign fast enough for an interpreter. I only been deaf 6 years. I will try and bring my wife to the confrence she is usually looking for a mid winter vacation and I can convince her to hit the grand canyon and sedona while we are out there.
  9. NightScenes

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    Ok Billy, her email is . Be sure to let her know that I sent you and she will get you taken care of. It would be good to see you and your bride at the LVLIA conference in January. It is nice at that time of year.
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    FX puts out a newsletter on line, it seems to be fairly frequent every week or other week. It may be too simple for lighting only contractors but good for L/S contractors who do lighting as a small part of the bigger project and are not as informed.

    I have been involved in the Az landscape contractors assoc. for years. Some of the stuff we have done that seem to make members happy is monthly member mixers not so easy for a national assoc. I know but I'm sure that some cities have more members and could get a good turn out.

    When we have these it's like happy hour, 5:00 to 7:30 -8:00 We usually have a room at a restaurant and have a cash bar pay 25 bucks to the assoc. for the dinner and a guest speaker shows and gives 15-30 min of info then hangs around for questions. Speakers may be industry rep promoting new products. Local rep from registrars office to review regulations, finance guys, business management, organization companies, you name it. Anyone who can inform.

    I was the director for member services for a couple of years and we have insurance breaks, discounts to rentals, theme parks, discounts to lots of non industry related things but they were rarely used. To be honest the biggest value we determined was industry socialization. Every one just wants to get together and hang out from time to time. We have yearly awards programs those are popular. Its a big production like the Emmy's or something. At a big resort out of town, formal attire, a real event, usually a golf tournament. Complete with skits (taped of course) Gag entries have made an appearance lately they are pretty funny too, sounds hokey I know but very entertaining.

    The most important thing for any association is a great director they are the face of the organization and if they are enthusiastic, up beat, on top of things your membership will soar. If they are just there for the paycheck and mailing it in you will be fighting that hire for years after they leave.

    We have a great director here, our membership has been climbing for the past 5 years or so. We were just able to buy an office condo, finally a home for the association.

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