I'm thinking of adding this service what do i need

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HazellLawnCare, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. HazellLawnCare

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    Ok I'm thinking about adding this to my mowing business. I am looking into either using John Deere Landscapes or Hunter irrigation systems. What kind of trenchers do you all use and what should I expect to pay for one? What other tools will I need?
  2. HBFOXJr

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    Irrigation isn't something you just go do. In some states a license is required. Irrigation is about engineering. Get an irrigation education first and then work for someone doing installs and service. Learn how to properly price your work not just listen toa distributor that says $100 for a rotor and $50 for a spray. If you think its about trenchers, John Deere and Hunter or don't have the time to get properly educated and skilled stay home. You'll be a disservice to clients and a disaster to yourself if you don't take this very seriously.
  3. I'm thinking of going into brain surgery......a client of mine asked me for a quote so I gave him one. I will start a new thread...but until then, all you brain surgeons: Could you please tell me how you price your brain surgeries........the medical supply sales rep told me if the person is a left brained thinker than I should charge 5,000 dollars per lobe otherwise it should be 3500 per lobe. any input would be much appreciated.
  4. Lanelle

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    :laugh: :D :laugh: Good one.
  5. HazellLawnCare

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    Hey guys thanks for being a smart ass. If it will make you feel any better I have been involved with sprinklers before and I've got a degree in turf management. Now if you guys aren't going to be helpful keep your mouths shut and just laugh in silence.
  6. dougaustreim

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    It is one thing to give good advice, but quite another to just be smart a....es. I just became aquaited with Lawnsite in the last few months. I find that there is a lot of good information here.

    I have been active in many state and national organizations, and I found that exchanging ideas and info is one of the greatest benefits of an association. Remember we all started somewhere.

    One of the first posts I made was answere with a put down. I didn't post again for over a month. I've decided that there are too many good sincere people here to ditch everyone for the unprofessionalisms of the few.

    I find it hard to beleive that some of you preach professionalism and then answere with the put downs and smart comments that you do.

    Doug Austreim
    Past President National Landscape Assn
  7. C'mon Doug get a life. Read his post again. He thinks John Deere makes sprinklers! If he had been involved in sprinklers before he would realize that they don't. It just really cracks most of us SPRINKLER PROFESSIONALS that have put in 25 years or so that people just one day decide to get involved in this field. And then ask a question that is so general, just funny.

    Listen, I don't mean to make fun but do you see my point? You can't just decide to add sprinklers to your services. And you certainly aren't going to get the tools and info you need from this board. There are some real great sprinkler guys on here but this type of forum is not the place for teaching. If you had some knowledge we could help with specifics. But not teach you to be us just by hunting and pecking a few keys.

    Help is one thing, and I am sure all of us here are glad to give it as soon as we figure out what to do to help. When a question like this is asked, there is no help that can be given. I didn't mean to offend, just to bring a little light to the fact that what HB said is true, you don't just decide one day to be an irrigator.

    By the way dude, you will need WAY THICKER skin than what you just showed to make it in the irrigation business!
  8. HBFOXJr

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    Call our posts tough love rempered with reality. Call us bitter because of the jobs that have been taken away from us by "contractors" that don't know squat. Everyone that doesn't know anything doing irrigation is like a thief to me. Thjey are stealing my profession and the profession of others like me.

    Folks read all these magazine article success stories and information about branching out and they think it's like NIKE "Just do it".

    The articles and and lots of other advisory people don't tell or don't know of all book learning and educational time that is required to be successful and knowledgeable.

    Personally I've seen a lot of hackers come and go and some are still in the business BS-ing clients or potential ones, then the results are not what was expected. Another burn job.

    Having a turf degree doesn't mean you know squat about irrigation. It means you know about turf and how it is cultured. It is not the same although what you know is very valuable in irrigation.

    Having a hort degree gives me a leg up over other irrigagtiors that know irrigation but don't know plants, turf, soils etc.

    Get yourself certified through the Irrigation Association then you'll have a fundamentally good back ground even if you don't have experience.

    After 6 years and 3 $300 dollar licenses I still have too many unlicensed guys taking food out of my mouth here in NJ. And personally I'm making every effort to dime them out.
  9. dougaustreim

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    Just for your info, John Deere is the largest distributor of irrigation products in the country.

    No one was born knowing anything about landscaping and irrigation. You all started somewhere. Everyone on this site was the unwelcome competitor at one time or another. It is one thing to offer tough advice, quite another to blow these people off with a smart comment. If you want to be a professtional talk and act like one.

    Doug Austreim
    Austreim Landscaping Inc
  10. HazellLawnCare

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    As a matter of fact John Deere Landscapes has just recently bought a very large sprinkler manufacturer.

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