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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by grassmoker, May 29, 2007.

  1. grassmoker

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    I'm considering having an irrigation system installed. I've been quoted by someone who is highly recommended to install a 6 zone Hunter system for $3,600. I think the price seems reasonable based upon what I've heard from in the Raleigh NC area. Do you agree? Also, I know nothing about irrigation systems. What sort of questions do I need to ask? Are they certain options that should be included that I need to ask about? Is the Hunter system a reputable brand? Thanks!
  2. Mike Leary

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    That sounds cheap as all get out for our market...we'd be around $9k.
    The only thing I'd do (& suggest to my would-be clients) is ask for a reference
    or two three years old or more; you'll find out if they serviced & the coverage
    was as advertised (no or little plant loss/stress). Hunter is good stuff.Do you
    freeze down there? If so, ask about winterizing & testing backflow assemblies. Good luck.
  3. NCStateME

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    $3600 is not bad for a Hunter six zone system in Raleigh... In fact, it seems a little on the low side. Hunter is a very reputable brand. Most professional installers use Hunter in sports fields, city parks, large commercial landscapes, etc. You can't get Hunter at Depot or Lowes.. only at professional distributors (and a few online sites). How big of a lot are you watering??

    Questions to ask:

    Is a rain sensor included?? There is nothing more embarrasing that watering during a thunderstorm.

    Is it ALL Hunter (valves, controller, sprinklers) or just Hunter heads??

    Will they install a pressure reducer if there is high pressure (>75psi)?? I live outside of Raleigh, and we have 120 psi at the street. That is WAY too high for sprinklers and I see quite a few systems in my neighborhood that have sprays running at 110 psi making clouds of mist.

    How much for a master valve?? This will give you an extra level of comfort knowing all your valves are not under constant pressure.

    Will they trench and do PVC pipe or pull poly pipe?? At this price I would assume pulling poly.
  4. That sound you hear Mike is irrigators stampeding to Suquamish WA.:walking: :walking: :walking: :walking: :walking: :walking:
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    I knew I forgot something in my previous post... Backflows!!

    Most towns around Raleigh require a Reduced pressure Backflow (RPZ) for cross-contamination control. Make sure that he is going to install one above ground, somewhere that is easily accessible, and with unions on the pipes so it can be removed in the wintertime. It would be preferable to have the backflow under some kind of cover (fake rock, etc.), but you could do that after installation. You can use the two pipes sticking up for the backflow as your ports to winterize the system. The town I live in requires an annual backflow inspection by a licensed plumber once a year.
  6. Mike Leary

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    We are on a pennisula & island with armed contractors on 24-7 patrol.
  7. Mike Leary

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    Any assembly can be winterized w/low pressure bicycle pump (7 psi is all).
    Compressor air should never be put thu assemblies because of possible heat
    damage. Whut, they don't certify sprinkler dorks for outside bakflow testing?
  8. Well, that is a business model we should all emulate.
  9. Mike Leary

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    I'm still having trouble getting used to your new handle...I think of
    "Clonking Valve Beer" every time I see your post.
  10. Be nice about my new handle. I like it. If you keep teasing me about it I'm going to start writing in blue again.

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