Is it a Lawn Care or Lawn Service?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FINN, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. FINN

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    For those of you who have a business doing Applications only please respond. Do you refer to your business as a Lawn Care or Lawn Service?


  2. Gladestraveller

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    A Lawn Care Service.
  3. Enviro Green

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    Turf Management
  4. Lawn Service
  5. LwnmwrMan22

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    Outdoor Services

    This way you can sub out any other work that happens to fall in your lap.

    Today I bid on replacing a concrete slab at the gas station where I buy my gas. My cousin does concrete work, and he needs his yard sprayed.... payup
  6. HK45Mark23

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    I went with "Landscape Maintenance." This is to say that there are only two types of Landscape business, Landscape Design or Landscape Maintenance. To mow, trim, edge, blower sweep and any thing like seeding, aeration, fertilizing / weed / pest control, vertical cutting, detaching, ph testing and the consequential use of any agents applied in order to alleviate an out of balance soil is maintenance. Also to trim shrubs and prune trees and bushes or refresh rock or mulch and to weed gardens and beds is also maintenance. So I prefer to use the term Landscape Maintenance.
  7. Scapegoat

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    In my neck of the woods most companies use "Lawn & Landscape Maintenance" since Lawn is seen as pretty much just mowing and Landscape Maintenance is seen more as specializing in hedging, pruning & planting.

    I've been in business about 2 years now in Landscape Maintenance and do everything except mow lawns. I regularly hedge, prune, design & install in yards that have another weekly mowing service. I'm currently looking to by a commercial mower though as I also have so many customers requesting I do that, it's just crazy to continue saying no.
  8. HK45Mark23

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    Well it sounds like you are a Landscape Maintenance and Design company who is wanting to incorporate General Lawn Maintenance to your list of Landscape Maintenance services provided.
  9. There are a few companies around my area that use the term "Lawnscape" to describe their services.
  10. Runner

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    Believe it or not, it is a text defined term. Lawn Care describes the chemical application side if it, and maintenance defines the mowing, edging, and other operations involved. However, therre are MANY MANY services that just don't know, and do their mowing and stuff, and call it "lawn care".

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