Is this safe?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jf69, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I agree to drop it if possible, but wouldnt stress if you can't, I've seen trailers sitting way steeper than that, just keep more weight at front if possible. But yes sway is increased in it just looks kinda funny.
  2. jf69

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    How much sway do think there will be, never have to do more than 30mph with the trailer
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    Probably not much, unless you have a z-turn parked at the back, and if you never go on the highway, it should be fine, pull the trailer around and see, Im sure you are stressing for no reason, but if you can lower the hitch I would.
  4. pitrack

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    You'll be fine, just make sure you have enough tongue weight or it'll sway on you t high speeds. If it were a dual axle you would have bad tire wear but a single axle you'll be fine.
  5. jones68

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    I guess im a better safe than sorry type of guy but i would try to drill some holes and lower the pintle/ball down to make the trailer level. Why chance it?? it wouldnt take but an hour or two. when they tip up like that it puts a lot of stress on the coupler mechanism.
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    You got that right, then it pops off when you go over a train track and bent the poop out of the jack, lol, happens.
  7. poolboy

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    Way overloaded, dude.
  8. Above Par Lawns

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    That's a good friend!
  9. jf69

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    Is it difficult to drill 1/4 inch steel?
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    Not really, just need the proper bit, makes all the difference, maybe some cutting/drilling oil, but drilling horizontally it might just spill off anyway.

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