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Jobs backed up

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Stringblade, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Posts: 98

    This year has started off great I have a ton of work lined up we mow 3 days a week and landscape 3 days. The problem I'm for seeing is making people wait to long to get there and get the job done.

    How far backed up do you guys get do you tell the customer that it will take a month or more to get it done? I always say 2-3 weeks depending on the weather. I imagine that you wont land to much work if you tell them it will take a month or more how do you guys handle the spring work load?
  2. PatriotLandscape

    PatriotLandscape LawnSite Bronze Member
    from MA
    Posts: 1,209

    Tell them a month they will wait. Being busy can be seen as being good and they will wait.
  3. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Posts: 98

    Good point! And the ones who nag would you tell them forget it?
  4. AL Inc

    AL Inc LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,218

    That is part of the reason I started a crew just doing the work outside of mowing. They will do the mulching, planting, pruning, etc. I can react much faster to clients requests, and if we are backed up with mowing, I can put them on to help the mowing crew. Makes things much less stressful for me, and clients get things done faster.
  5. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Posts: 98

    The good news is I just got that second truck this year the bad news is my only employee capable of running a crew just lost his license fo a year however we are looking into work release.
  6. Turf Troll

    Turf Troll LawnSite Member
    Posts: 227

    I am trying to balance a separate truck/crew now, it has some problems. I'm trying to do three days mowing and three landscape.

    Better figure out what I'm doing tomorrow.

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