Jungle Jim Trimmer Rack - RANT

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JonLawn, Jul 18, 2014.

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    To the OP, could you show us a full pic of the rack mounted to your trailer so I can see exactly what RussellB and Mowingman are referring to. I'm sure I know what they mean (one leg mounted on floor and the other on the rail) but I like the design of the Jungle Jim Pro mate I think its called and am thinking about getting one...or having my welder make one similar to that. Thanks in advance!
  2. JonLawn

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    I agree that may be a solution but his model is way too short for that to happen and the trimmer parts to not hit the trailer sides. They were installed per the manufacturer's instructions.
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    I see the point you are making. It looks like you did just what the instructions said. I take back my comment above.
    This single tool rack is a poory designed and/or poorly manufactured product. It will shake like crazy on that top rail mounting position when it has a trimmer in it. It is not "if" a structural failure will occur, it is just a question of "how long till" it occurs.
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    With that said, it is up to the user to assure the product is safe. If and when that style rack falls off into traffic the costs will be far higher than purchasing a more expensive safe rack. I am not knocking the OP, it is however pretty easy to see that rack is an accident waiting to happen.
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    Just look at the gauge of the metal on the base plates very pathetic and dangerous for the manufacturer to put out, it looks like it's barely over a 1/16th thick
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    Actually, that is exactly how any business would respond.
    They should have had first crack at making things right. You can't fault them for not honoring the warranty after you "altered" the product.

    I'll stay away from them because it looks like an inferior product - not because of their response to you.

    Really glad for you that that didn't come off in transit!
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    Yeah do yourself a favor and get one of these http://www.trailerracks.com/trimmerracks.html

    Galvanize is extremely durable as I mentioned above and these are the best out there for protecting your equip. from damage and theft.

    They also offer extension to mount on trailer frame for added support
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