Jungle Jims blower rack YUCK

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kc2006, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Anyone else have issues with their jungle jims blower racks? I am!

    For one, it beat the crap out of my blower, because of the way it holds the blower, the engine actually seperated from the backplate, so now it hardly blows right. And now today the blower fell off the rack while driving (good to see its doing its job). The plate that you bolt to the blower has warn and its enough to allow it to slip out of the latch system and bam it hit the road.

    I know stuff wears, but dang a racks only supposed to last a year? I would of expected maybe 3 years before I had issues. These companies charge big money for their stuff and can't even give a product that is worth it.
  2. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Oh and who makes a good blower rack that won't turn my blower into a pos?

    I want something that securely holds the blower so it won't shake it to death and cause the blower to rip apart.
  3. Check out our blower rack at www.trailerracks.com

    What type of blowers are you using? On certain brands (echo, stihl, redmax) you have to slice a notch in between the backpack and blower housing for our securing bar to slide through. Since the blower isn't hanging there isn't going to be any damage to your blower or the rack.

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  4. TarheelTLC

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    What kind of blower do you have? I didn't have to put any bracket on my Red Max.
  5. nemow

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    matt trailer rack, I ordered a rack this year and when I got home I opened it to find your rack in the box instead of the one I had ordered. Took it out ready to mount it on my trailer then noticed I had to add parts to my string trimmers to use your rack. Why would I want to add parts to my already new and improved emissions- passing-heavy as hell, string trimmers? Most of us take the guards off to cut down on the weight as is. All I could think of is switching the brackets from one trimmer to another when one of the five went down. I guess the design is just too new and space aged for me.
  6. TarheelTLC

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    Oh. It said to mount the bracket so that the blower rest on the frame of the trailer. Even with that I used a strap to hold it in place. So far no problems but only used it for a month. The only problem I had was missing bolts and instructions that didn't match my trailer. I called mowparts but they didn't really have any suggestions without seeing my trailer. Called jungle jim and kept getting voicemail. The bog problem I have is the tool rack keeps letting my shovels, rakes, etc. drop off the trailer. I broke my garden rake handle and just bought another. I will fix that my self with a bracket or something.
  7. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    It's an echo blower. You have to bolt a bracket on the blower to hook it to the rack.

    I figured out a way to fix the problem, but now I have to invest time & money into it and I still have a beat to death blower thats only 2 years old. Looked at the greentouch rack, it seems pretty nice, looks like it would keep the blower pretty secure.
  8. TarheelTLC

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    For the price the Jungle Jim has worked Ok for me. Looking at pics and seeing other trailers I believe there are better designs. I paid about half the others I looked at, but if I destroy a $500 blower no money saved.;) I will strap it down a little better tomorrow. Thanks for the post.
  9. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    Good grief!!!! Why go to all this trouble to have a rack to hang your blower on? I just lowered my tailgate and slide the darn thing into the back of my truck! Much easier and it cost me nothing.
  10. The reason that we use the aluminum blocks on the trimmer shaft is that it totally eliminates rolling in the rack and it also totally eliminates shaft damage. When trimmers roll in the rack they spill gas and flood the engines. When trimmers bounce in other peoples racks they can eventually wear through the shaft and break the shaft. We made the blocks out of lightweight aluminum to add as little weight as possible. Additional brackets are available for backup trimmers if you need them.

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