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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Partner and I were at a school on the far west side of our district by Hwy 99. We hear sirens but are at the back of the school and can't see anything. Then... the ROAR of a helicopter circling low over the school. Chopper came in for a landing on the school grounds to pick up an accident victim from a bad crash on the highway. Took them to Fresno to the regional trauma center I guess. Funny thing was that just an hour before, we were parked in the area that the chopper landed replacing a bad valve.

    SkyLife Helicopter at Goshen 10-18-06 IV-01.jpg

    SkyLife Helicopter at Goshen 10-18-06 IV-02.jpg

    SkyLife Helicopter at Goshen 10-18-06 IV-03.jpg

    SkyLife Helicopter at Goshen 10-18-06 IV-04.jpg

    SkyLife Helicopter at Goshen 10-18-06 IV-05.jpg
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    Cool pic's Purp thank's for sharing them with us.
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    Hey, it's Mimi Rotors, come to say hello. Hiya Mimi! :p
  4. You know, people hate those choppers because they fly low and are loud.............

    until one day, they have a heart attack or are an unfortunate victim in an automobile accident. You don't complain about them anymore.

    I noticed it wasn't a C.H.P. copter. In your area, did they contract out life-flight services to an independent company?

    I thought, or at least there was 1 C.H.P. copter that also served as a life-flight copter based out of Bakersfield. Saw that copter on Hwy 198 and 5 one time at a bad wreck by N.A.S. Lemoore about 6 years ago.
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    fastest way between 2 points is a straight line
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    I'm not sure exactly how the copter network works in this area. I've seen the CHP copter on many occasions but our valley is a large one to cover so maybe it was somewhere else. Occasionally the Lemoore NS is put into action and I've seen their copter(s) respond to our area.

    One of our high schools is only two blocks from the hospital downtown and its football field has been pressed into an LZ several times. First time was for a local police officer that had to be immediately flown to Fresno because of heart problems. At that time we didn't have a cardiac surgical unit at the hospital and Fresno was the only place surgeries could happen. That first time the chain link fence had to be taken down because there was no easy vehicle access to that field. There's now a drive-through gate that can be opened.
  7. Even in a metro area such as the S.F. Peninsula, they use the life-flight copters. S.F. General and Stanford University Hospitals are the only trauma centers. So, I have learned to recognize those choppers because if you see one low and slow, (considering that they are the only ones that are allowed to fly that low, besides the coast guard helo's, since they fly in the take off or approach area for SFO airport)that means you don't go on 280 or 101 for a long long time.
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    I grew up in Gilroy and used to work near Stanford... UGH the traffic. Used to go up near lodi and stockton on weekends. Again UGH the traffic on 680. We once stood still for 3 hours due to a bad wreck and a few copters were brought in. My guess is they took them to Stanford or SF.

    At least here the only traffic I get is when there is an event or an accident for the most part.
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    Or maybe a hurricane??? :)
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    yeah that too... I far enough north we havnt had to evacuate but traffic does get rather bad.

    We are a good hour to hour and 15 off the coast. If we had to evacuate its gonna be bigger than Katrina. We did loose our roof... barn and shop tho. It was not just another windy day here. TONS of trees down and such. Hardest hit county off the coast. No power for over a month

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