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Just sharing a good product

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Landscape Poet

    Landscape Poet LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,637

    Guys I am not sure what you guys are using to do your palm tree trimming but I have found a product that I am very satisfied with and thought I would share. I questioned at first if it was really worth the money but after a week of use I must say that it is. This little guy goes up to 21 foot and is very light to use, the blade has proved to be sharp as can be so far - we will see how long it last but so far life is good.

    So what are you guys using to trim palms and better yet what are you guys using to seed pods etc out of the really tall trees?
  2. Mike I told you to buy this a while back. I have one and you can re-sharpen the blade. Gonna be hard to remove fruits though if you want to keep a full canopy or if it's a queen palm. I get on a ladder and get the fruits out.
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  3. I have about 10 total saws from silky all for different uses.
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  4. Landscape Poet

    Landscape Poet LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,637

    I was pretty sure that Silky is the brand you told me about - Thank you so much. Yes that is what I was wondering about the fruits. I have a Washi in my front lawn for example and I keep it very full only removing the brown frawns and although the saw did a great job of taking down the frawns - the fruits were often higher than the frawns I wanted to remove and if I ended up taking off a layer above what I wanted too just to get to the fruits as they were very robust this year.

    Would a pruner of some sort help - i do not mind using a ladder if needed but I am a big boy and climbing is not really my thing - so a pruner would be best if there is a good option out there that extends. I know Stihl makes one but its reach is limited.

    And how are you resharpening the blade - with what tool?

    Any insight?
  5. Outdoors_Unlimited

    Outdoors_Unlimited LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 449

    Silky saws are all top notch!
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  6. mjlcare2

    mjlcare2 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 200

    Nobody uses a top handle chainsaw anymore?
  7. Mike, as for the fruits, it depends on the palm. I had removed fruits from 25-30' coconuts without taking off fronds. I use the silly and get on a 12 ft A-frame. It takes a little work, but can be done. The saw on the 21' is too big to successfully do cabbage and queen palms, but will work on washy's. If its a palm that is 20' or less, it will be way quicker to climb the palm and remove fruits with a handsaw. I will take pics of my arsenal tomorrow and post em here and show what I use each one for. As far as sharpening, I bought a file from silky that I will also take a pic of.
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  8. There is really no need if you are doing palms that are relatively clean. A handsaw works fine and costs a lot less. Silky saws stay sharp for a long time and all you have to do is replace the blade. No gas, mix, bar and chain oil, or a $300+ machine. Now, if it's a palm that hasn't been cleaned in a couple years, maybe. But a sharp handsaw will still do quick work.
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  9. mjlcare2

    mjlcare2 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 200

    I just saw the price tag on that silky being just under 3 bills and a Stihl MS200T top handle saw being just a couple bucks more and I think I'd rather have the machine than the arm ache. I would assume most palms are pretty dirty, otherwise why are you trimming them? Best Practice is to only cut the dead, brown fronds, I certainly don't bother only cutting one or two fronds if I'm going to trim a palm. But it is a good looking tool. I can see it coming in handy.
  10. It's actually around $240 or so....

    Plus, you still have to climb with the saw, use gas/mix, bar and chain oil, adjust the chain, clean out the saw, replace the chain/bar,etc...A lot more headaches.

    Nope, all palms I do are done around 2x/year so they are not dirty. When I clean up palms they only have a couple dead fronds. The fruit is usually what I'm removing....

    A chainsaw is totally unneccessary and more of a maintenance nightmare than a polesaw or handsaw.

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