Kawasaki Engine swaps - Kawasaki tech around?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by WVZR-1, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Thank you!

    I had already used them and I found the information a little more challenging than I thought it needed to be. I believe the parts section is great if you've a specific spec engine but you can't accomplish any research from it "easily". I believe it might be very close to the electronic catalog that dealers use and why I couldn't get better information from the dealers I visited to ask.
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    If the engine on the SCAG is on and running and still under warranty, I'd leave it w/o doing the swap. If you have problems in the future there is continuity.

    I'd just buy a replacement for the timecutter you could still goof around with the engine though after you've tossed another on. It does look like the 651/730 are the same and a number of guys on the board have had some issues with the 730.

    Were you thinking of buying from SEW?


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    TW - The Scag has no warranty and has 400 Hours - the FS651V with the 3 year I thought would be a plus because the Scag is the keeper. A 48" I can use, trees and fence create issues for anything larger. I had looked at SEW but it wasn't (it didn't seem) to maybe be the "final choice". I'm going to visit a somewhat "local" shop and see if I allow them to use an engine for me as part of a "package buy" we can negotiate the shipping out of price and maybe "wiggle" some on the price. I really like "local" and if possible I do nearly everything local. I still enjoy a deal that ends with a handshake OR if there's issues it's a "toe to toe" conversation to a solution.

    It seems SEW had some shipping charge issues that I didn't care for but to be very honest I'm not rushed so unless someone had a ridiculously low price I can wait.

    Is there something I'm missing regarding SEW? SEW had a FS651V priced well but it had a very confusing warranty from them only. It didn't have the 3 year Kawasaki.


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    I'm in the Eastern Panhandle of WV (Charles Town 25414), NOVA or Fredrick MD are close. Anyone in the area have a FR651V or an FS651V with a 1"/ 3-5/32 (80mm) that runs well that they might be interested in selling. If you're very close I might even consider just letting someone do the repair. I'd be interested in a conversation. I'm strapped for space until spring and today I thought I might just ask! LMK
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    Yes you can do the engine swap.

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