Keeping my parking lot grate clear in the great north

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. I have a grate in the middle of an asphalt parking lot. Every time the plow comes it levels the snow and packs the top of the grate. Consequently when it melts some an ice pool of considerable size builds up around the grate. So after working for about a week with snow melt and an ice breaker I've got it all removed. Now I'm trying to figure a way to avoid the problem again. Today I went behind the plow and cleared it out. May be my only solution but on the off chance a clever person is lurking I'm hoping someone has a solution to this.
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    they do make waterproof heating cables, so maybe you could snake one into the drain line and loop it around the grate
  3. I thought about that but the extension cord across the parking lot won't work. I looked into how one would build a battery powered heat cord but those things require a lot of wattage.

    Let me rephrase. If you have a parking lot that has pooled and froze overnight besides ice melt how else would you remove or melt?

    I'm going to be gone a week and I don't want to have another ice rink to chip at.
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    Unless you know the exact route of the drain line, you do not know that a heating cable can't work. In an asphalt lot, the grate has to be metal, I would expect, and heat will keep it clear.
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    Make a solar oven out of a cardboard box or plywood and put it over it...not sure how practical that is but should be fairly effective and simple.

    Read what Wet Boots cord across the lot...snake it through the line if you can.
  6. The cord won't work. Trust me. The drain runs from the parking lot to the bottom of some railroad ties 60' away. The only way to get power is at the parking lot and running a cord across the parking lot isn't practical much less safe. I do like your solar power suggestion. Not sure such an animal exists but if you built a dome out of pvc and covered it with some type of solar plastic maybe......
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    As long as you type the words "across the parking lot" you are clearly not getting it.

    The real question is, just how important is this? If doing nothing means you spend 30 hours chipping away at accumulated ice when you return from a vacation, then maybe that's what you have to do.
  8. Heat tape has a plug. To get power to that plug I need to get an extension cord. Find an outlet. Run the extension cord to the plug on the heat tape which I have snaked into the drain pipe.

    What would happen to that extension cord if it snowed and the plow came through?

    Its important to me cuz I get paid a contract fee for managing this place and spending 30 hours chipping ice screws up my return on effort.
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    Might be a good question to ask at, or just do some searches there.
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    So, nowhere on the grounds of this complex, is an outdoor power outlet? That does work against an electrical solution.

    The product I'm recommending is not heat tape. As far as I know, heat tape is not designed to be submerged under water. There is a more durable item, that is designed for use in pump suction lines that lead into lakes.

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