Korean crab tree??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimmyStew, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. JimmyStew

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    Talking to a client today who was trying to describe a tree that he has seen at a friends house in Mass. Says it is a "decent sized tree" which I have narrowed down to be maybe 20 - 25' tall? with green leaves and a white flower that sits on top of the leaves. He called his friend and asked what it was and the reply was "I was told it is a Korean crab tree". I can't really picture what this might be. The client I was talking to is aware of what a typical flowering crab is and doesn't seem to think this was it. His description reminded me of a flowering dogwood but he claims it was not this. Anyone have any suggestions as to what he may be referring to?
  2. JNyz

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    Sounds like a Korean Dogwood.
  3. Isobel

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    Dogwood would have been my first thought too.
  4. JNyz

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    See what happens when you get on lawnsite after a few drinks. Sorry guys it Chinese Dogwood [Kousa]

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