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Kubota ZD18 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by monroeccman, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. monroeccman

    monroeccman LawnSite Member
    Posts: 5

    I've had a Kubota zd18 mower since 2004. It has been a great, well built machine but I am looking for a new mower with an upgrade in cut from the older Kubota stamped deck. I mow small rental properties and do prefer a sub-60 mower deck. I like my Kubota dealer and have looked at the zg227 with the 54 inch pro commercial deck (I mow part time so saving fuel with diesel isn't much of a factor). I also have a Hustler/Bobcat dealer close by. Anyone have experience with the Kubota zg200 series (300 series seems to be overkill for what I mow) and the newer decks as far as cut, maintainence, etc.? How would the zg227 compare to the Hustler x-one or Bobcat Pro-Cat?
  2. TNGrassCutter

    TNGrassCutter LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,321

    I have a zg23, same deck as yours I believe. I went to a hustler super z about 2 months ago. You won't believe the difference in cut, ride, smooth steering and operation. Overall a much better machine in my opinion. I haven't used the new decks but another company I know here has 10-12 of them and they don't cut or discharge much better than the old ones. I would make sure to check out an xone.
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  3. monroeccman

    monroeccman LawnSite Member
    Posts: 5

    Thanks, The Kubota is the only zt that I've been on. I plan on giving the x-one a demo.

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