Lake pump w/ Fimco dist. valve

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by zliminator, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I have a customer with a 1/2HP shallow well Sta-Rite pump on a lake with a Fimco dist. valve. The check valve was bad, so I replaced it and made sure there was no restrictions in the pickup or the intake and now the heads are barely putting out. There's about 10 rotors and 12 sprays, but they all come on at the same time. I told the lady that the dist valve is supposed to do one zone at a time and she says its always been like that. Seems to me a 1/2HP should only be able to do 4 or 5 rotors. Is there anyway that you can take the Fimco apart to check it? If you can disassemble it, can you buy replacement parts for it or should I replace the whole thing? The only other thing I can think that wrong with it is the pump's worn out or there's a restriction (unlikely).

  2. Dan now you know how I got my name.:rolleyes: I actually had a long disastrous experience with the Fimco that got me labeled with deep sarcasm as the FIMCO-MEISTER. They are all over FL so you should be able to get help locally pretty easy. Here is the link to their page. They seem to suggest all pumps be in the 3/4-1hp range but check it out. They have a troubleshooting page as well.
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    You should have little trouble disassembling an indexing valve, and you may find that the very process 'frees up' a jammed internal assembly.
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    Is the pump in backwards?
  5. I will say this for those Fimcos. We took one apart and they are pretty bullet proof for avoiding problems. My guess is your problem is hydraulic related. They require a certain amount of flow and pressure to work properly.
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    sounds scary...brotha
  7. zliminator

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    I went back today and looked again at the label on the motor and its actually a 1.5HP pump. I then took off the cover of the dist. valve and there is nothing inside! I'm wondering if I can order the parts so I don't have to replace the whole thing. I got email from the customer, who is out of town, and she said she thinks the heads are clogged with sand. I doubt it, but I'm going to install a gauge just after the outlet. Should be less than 15 psi, I'm guessing. She swears it worked fine before on all zones. The motor doesn't look that old, so I don't think its wore out.

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    I talked to Fimco and they shipped me a flapper to go inside the valve (there was none in it). They're pretty good. It still didn't work so I called them back and they said it was hydraulic related. I did a bucket test today and it took 20 sec to fill a 5 gal bucket. That would make it 4 gpm. Does that sound right for a 1.5HP Sta-rite? The motor isn't more than 3 years old. I have a 1HP Sta-rite sitting in the shed I could put in its place till I get this one checked out.

  9. zliminator

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    are they any good?

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    I had the same problem with a system here in S FL last Novemeber. For mine it turned out 2 fold-after replacing the intake screen (and installing the new one on "legs" to keep it off the bottom of canal) and replacing the check valve, I still had very little at the heads. I re-cut the intake line at the canal and forced water thru at the pump-the crud that came out of there was unbelieveable-but not only that, there was a small pinecone caught in the line, once I pulled that out it really helped clear the line. I put it back together and then i had to remove some of the heads on each zone to clear the crud which was caught in the lines after the pump. After several flushes of each zone, everything worked great-and is still working fine today. What a mess it was tho. The other thing I have seen here with dirty water is a second check valve in the line that I was not aware of at first (buried in the middle of the intake line :confused:) and something being stuck in it restricting the flow.

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