laser wont start... clicks/has power

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by EARTH5, May 7, 2010.

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    exmark laser help startn.52'' w 23 hp kawi


    hi guys,
    I have a 52'' laser w 23 hp kawi.... it clicks but wont start.. i am thinkn possible seat switch or brake but no idea how to by pass etc.. any help would be great... the crew really needs this machine and i dont want to take to a dealer due to time needed....thanks,pb
  2. DT Lawn Care

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    I don't think that it would click with a safety screwed up. Try jumping across the solenoid, could be a bad solenoid. Check for loose wiring and grounding points. Also check the starter cable connection. Good Luck
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    ^^^^^DT is right on the money with the above testing/checking.....
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    Could be a weak battery as well, if the above solenoid short fails try a jump start.
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    :D Now that there is about the highest compliment I could receive on LawnSite. Restrorob telling me I may be right :laugh: You know your stuff Restro, no doubt about it, I learn new things everyday from your posts.
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    thanks guys....ya it was the gears on flywheel and starter werent meshed beleive it or not

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