LAWN RENOVATION UPDATE...Thanks LS for all the help

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnForceOne, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Here's an update on a lawn renovation i did last fall. I tilled in two triaxle loads of compost in the back yard. The front yard was clay that had been compacted by a skid steer when the house was built. I had to pick axe the entire front yard because the dingo soil cultivator and/or dingo tiller simply bounced of the ground!:weightlifter: The front was dug down around 8-10 inches until i hit some tillable soil. I then tilled that soil to allow for proper drainage through the 8-10 inch layer of 50/50 soil/compost blend.

    The back yard was compacted as well and the soil cultivator wouldn't penetrate the clay (anyone else have this problem with the cultivator??) so I used the dingo tiller attachment to break up the ground and then used the soil cultivator to break up and smooth all the chunks. The main reason I went with the cultivator attachment was because its supposed to bury everything under the loose soil. Well when you have to till it first that doesn't work too well and I had to deal with all the clumps :cry:

    Well after probably 10 passes with the cultivator all of the compost and other soil test required amendments were all blended and smooth. After the whole yard was graded and smooth I broadcast Barenbrug HGT bluegrass/RPR 80/20 blend and then rolled the seed into the soil with an empty lawn roller to get good seed to soil contact. Then starter fert and 1 bale of weed free straw per K (wish i would have done 1.5 per K but it worked ok)

    I had sprouts in 3-4 days and after two weeks the lawn was green all over. After about 4-5 weeks the lawn was super thick and looked really good. The front area filled in really well. The backyard had some thin spots (not really bad) but it filled in extremely thick about a month after greenup. The HGT greened up about 3-4 weeks earlier than the neighbors bluegrass sod yard. The HGT blend is a little bit lighter green in color than the neighbor who has the really dark green variety sod but it responds well to fert and iron and is a very attractive color. The HGT is supposed to act more like a fescue with less water and fert requirement, more drought tolerance and extreme durability. So far so good...

    Thanks to RodneyK and all the others who helped with advice and tips to make this reno successful.
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    Here are some pics...

    lawn before.jpg

    lawn before 2.jpg

  3. LawnForceOne

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    Spreading compost. About 1-2 inches

    compost piles.jpg

    compost spread.jpg
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    not sure why some of these are upside down?
  5. LawnForceOne

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    front yard final grade

    rodney front grade1.jpg

    front yard final grade 2.jpg
  6. LawnForceOne

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    here are a few more

    backyard final grade.jpg

    1 week germination  front.jpg

    1 week germination.jpg

    2 weeks germination backyard.jpg

    3 weeks germination front.jpg

    4-5 weeks germination.jpg
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    Congrats on the job...I just bought a dingo and cultivator this year and just love the hell out of it...Rodney K also gave me some dingo advice,
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    Sweet, Lawnforce. Remember that there is a good percentage of perennial rye--which prefers temperatures under 95 degrees.
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    I really would love to get a dingo! I could use it everyday. How much is a dingo new? Whats a used one go for?
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    The cheapest ones I see around here go for about 7900..they are TX 420's..most others around here I would say average just below 10 probably 18 -23 K

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