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Lazer wheels

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by BigDave, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. BigDave

    BigDave LawnSite Member
    Posts: 148

    Dear Exmark,

    I ordered the following tires for my LHP 52/23 in my on-going quest for more traction:

    It's hard to believe, but I haven't had time to mount them yet. One thing I notice right away is that being an inch smaller in height (23" as opposed to 24") will make more of a difference than I had thought, by causing my LHP to slant down in the back.

    In the meantime, I got to thinking ... I was told that the LHP can use the same wheels as the full-size Lazer, and therefore the 24x12x12 Titan AT101 tires can be used:
    (the same tires used in the Hustler ATZ). I think the 12" width will go a long way for traction, though I know it would reduce my trim offset a bit.

    I called my dealer about buying a set of full-size Lazer wheels. She told me that they're only available as an entire wheel assembly, and it's $150 per wheel assembly.

    Are the full-size Lazer wheels 12" wide? Do you know if there's any way/where to buy just the wheels and not the entire wheel assembly?

    Thanks very much as always. Any and all thoughts are welcome. By the way, I plan to have the ROPS installed as per the letter/video I got in the mail, and am thrilled that Exmark is offering it, and about Exmark's quality and support.
  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
    Posts: 4,258


    If you are going to put the 24x12x12 on a 52 LHP you need the wheel and tire. The rim you have now is not wide enough for that tire. Yes we do offer the tire alone, it may be special order for your dealer.

    I believe that the 12x12 rim is 10" wide and the 9.5x12 is an 8" rim. Both of these are a 12" tall rim.

    Thanks, Fred.
  3. BigDave

    BigDave LawnSite Member
    Posts: 148

    OK, I am moving forward with ordering 12" Lazer wheels for my HP along with Titan AT101 24x12x12 tires.

    I plan to mount the tires "backwards" in order to maximize traction in reverse (and likewise, I hope, to maximize stopping power on a downhill)

    Hopefully, with the new wheels, tires, and rollbar, the only thing I'll be worried about on the hills is spilling my beverage. :)
  4. lahanko

    lahanko LawnSite Member
    from NY
    Posts: 173

    Dave let us know how you make out.
    I may reverse my tires.

  5. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 11,062


    There you are!!!!! I've been wanting to ask how you liked your tire choice???? I still want to try those high floatation type bar tread tires like BigDave is looking at. They look a little softer and they are available in the smaller size I need. But I still haven't found the offset rims I need to mount them on......
  6. lahanko

    lahanko LawnSite Member
    from NY
    Posts: 173


    I like the tires, what an improvement.
    My wife all but gave up mowing behind our house with the stock tires.
    I am sure these are not the best but I got tired of looking. They do not tear up the lawn like the stock tires and no more skid marks. A friend of mine has a mower like mine just a year or two older and he put the same tires on his. The guy got tired of ending up in his pond every other time he mowed. It would be almost impossible to get this mower stuck now. I have left some pretty big ruts in some wet locations on my property but without the tires I would never have been able to mow this location. The tires are a little hard but I got use to this.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 11,062


    Thanks for the update!!! Those tires look like the Super Lugs. With your words you have sort of confirmed my thoughts on the relation between traction and damaging lawns. My thoughts are that half the time tears and skid marks are a result of a lack of traction rather than agressive digging or operator error.

    My current Titan Multi-Trac tires get pretty good traction om lush turf as long as it not damp enough for the tread to 'pack up' with clippings. But they are pretty prone to skid and slide around on thinner turf. Of course the damage is much more quickly visible there as well.

    It seems once you slide somewhere, each time you pass in that same direction you always slide and each time the dmaged area gets bigger. I have one spot on at account where I slide on the perimeter round nearly every time. I'm cutting along a curb to my left on a gentle slope of maybe 12 degrees and I have to turn right to round a lamp post. Each time I turn up around it and back down toward the curb, the right tire skids and the mower wants to jump the curb rather than turning right to go along the curb again.

    What an aggrivation!!!! That tire still slides even in neutral. Ordinarily the mower will never skid on a place that flat. But I uderstand the ground lays just right to encourage it there. But I still see no excuse if you know what I mean. The only way to avoid the skid is to turn, back down by the lamp post to the curb and do a little half zero turn to the left to line back up with the curb.

    If I can get the right rim, I'm thinking of trying these. But I may start a good 'tire thread' on the regular forum 1st since I have all winte to choose.

    dico-titan_at_21-11-10 $51.gif
  8. BigDave

    BigDave LawnSite Member
    Posts: 148


    You mentioned your tires being a bit "hard". I just received my AT101 tires from CRTire and picked up my wider wheels from the dealer. I haven't installed them yet, but plan to do so as soon as I return from a seminar in Dallas in a week.

    Anyway, the thing I noticed about the AT101s is that the rubber feels softer than my stock tires (although I am certainly no expert in this area). Soft rubber by itself gives better traction. That's the theory behind newer car snow tires ... the tread isn't much different, but the rubber is much softer (consequently, it wears down faster).

    I had spoken with Marty from Exmark a few weeks ago. He helped me out a lot, and he's the one who recommend that I put full-size Lazer wheels / tires on my HP. He told me that Exmark used to use tires with softer rubber, and they had better traction - but customers were complaining that the tires wore out too fast, so Exmark switched to somewhat harder tires.

    I'll let you know how everything goes.
  9. BigDave

    BigDave LawnSite Member
    Posts: 148

    I have been mowing with the new wider wheels and bar tires this season. My gut estimate is that the traction is about 50% better ... which makes for a significant relief when mowing the hill, and no more losing traction ala turf tires when grass fills in the tread.

    However, it's not a miracle cure. When going down a sharp angle and the grass is wet, you can slow down or stop, but you can't reverse back up ... the tires will just spin and dig into the ground.

    As expected, on moist turf, you can see bar impressions (which for the most part go away after a few days), and badly-done turns certainly will tear the turf.

    Overall I'm very pleased.

    Here's a picture of the wider wheels and bar tires on the Lazer HP.

  10. lahanko

    lahanko LawnSite Member
    from NY
    Posts: 173

    How are the backward mounted tires working out?
    Thinking of doing the same.

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