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Lazer Z S -Series

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by blake101, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. blake101

    blake101 LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 563

    Does anyone run the Lazer Z S-Series, if so what do you think about it? Looking for a new mower this year, not sure what series to get. Any advice as I am all ears.
  2. chipk1

    chipk1 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Florida
    Posts: 393

    I have the Lazer AS series. It is about a 3 1/2 year old with just 1000 hours and still runs and cuts as good as the day I bought it. Very solid machine .. A TANK! Very pleased with it and if and when I need a new machine, I will go Lazer again.
  3. ghunter502

    ghunter502 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Posts: 283

    We have 15 exmarks in our fleet and just added 2 more at the end of the year. I just can't beat the quality and performance. The 2 60's I have are 3 years old and only thing I have had to repair on them are a couple of belts and blades these machines are almost bulletproof.

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