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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JBlawncare, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I am wondering what the guys who don't have a leaf loader on their truck do to get rid of leafs. I am purchasing a 4.4 cubic foot bagger for my 48" walk behind and I think I am just going to bag them and fill up my dump truck and put a tarp over the top of it. I am just worried that the bag will not hold to much and I will be making to many trips back and forth to the dump. let me know what you guys do for leaf cleanups.
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    Those baggers for walk-behinds really don't hold that many leaves. In fact I found that it is much easier and faster to blow them into piles, rake onto a tarp and drag to the truck or trailer. Those baggers put out so much dust that you will be covered in leaf particles. To me its just not worth it, and forget about Sycamore leaves, they eat my lunch everytime.
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    Elite...have you ever tried mulching leaves. Seems to work great in our neck of the woods except for the fescue yards. Those I like to tarp.
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    Before I got the leaf vac I would bucket them into the truck, and then use the Lazer with ultravac to suck up what remained. It shredded them a lot and I would put the shredded stuff on the other leaves to keep them from flying out, and to weigh it down.

    Get a leaf vac, a high hsp one.
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    I've got a 12 bushel collection system on my bob-cat. When I combine that with gator high lift blades, it really chops them up fine to fit more into a bag. Then I just empty it into the truck and trailer then I haul them to our compost piles.

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