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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Received a call about a main line leak coming front under a driveway.
    Two 1" meters connected pumping out an estimated 80-100gpm. We expected the worse and hoped for the best. I was ready with the concrete saw to cut the driveways.

    We dig down and find a 1 1/2" mainline that has come completely apart, it was a repair job gone bad. We looked at the two angle that the pipes connected at and they did not line up correctly.


    We used four 90's as a bridge for the repair. The level of the two pipes also had a 2" difference in height so the 90's worked out better.

    All cleaned up...we also ended up putting over 200lbs of soil in the washed out cavity and raising the corner of the driveway back in place...
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    Got that concrete right back in place, nice work... Too bad they wouldnt spring to repave both sides with some pretty new grey patches.
  3. Nice. I did a four elbow main repair myself yesterday. The only thing I hat about 4 elbowing is that I bring the pipe closer to the surface than I care to see. Sometimes though ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  4. Is that an ES or VAN on that RB? What an awful strip to try and water without waste.
  5. hoskm01

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    Just barely crack that VAN open (if thats what it is) to water that pie.
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    Fimco would have the House of Yellow Brass machine him a 17 degree nozzle :p
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    What, is nobody going to bash the excess primer and glue on the pipe? Not that I would do anything like that. :)
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    I knew there was a use for a squirt gun in irrigation!
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    Squirt gun? I was thinking more along these lines.

  10. I agree that I use a lot of primer, I make sure there is no dirt and the pipe is primer up well and ready for the glue. I do not use too much glue and I do wipe the excess glue off from around the joint.

    I believe if the contractor before me had done the repair correctly then I would have never been down there...... :hammerhead:

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