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level pump switch

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by longslawn, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. longslawn

    longslawn LawnSite Member
    Posts: 201

    Have a customer who due to well only able to pump around 7gpm has installed a 1000 gallon side tank. We will fill the 1000 gallon underground tank from the well then pump out of it to irrigate. Does anyone know where I can purchase a level switch to start filling the tank from the well when the level starts to drop.
    Thanks for help.
  2. Chuck Sinclair

    Chuck Sinclair LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 336

    If your going to use a level switch to turn the pump on LO limit you will also need one to turn the pump off HIGH Limit just like they use for boilers and such. If I was looking for that I would look for an industrial supply house.

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