Lili's Coming ... God Bless ... n Stay Dry

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fantasy Lawns, Oct 2, 2002.

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    She's a Cat 4 ... so no games with 140 MPH winds, 20' tidal surge reaching 15 miles in

    I'm sure our Gulf Coastal people been real busy today ..... lot's of rain coming 10" .... lot's of ugly flooding .... get that equip high n dry .... n sharpend them chain saw's .... if your staying get the wife n kids (n pets) out .... that's no place for anyone by Thursday 6pm

    Good Luck Ya'll
  2. It has been decades since southwestern Louisiana has seen a storm like this. But she ain't no Camile.
  3. yardman1

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    Yep, she's comin and she ain't looking back!!!!!!!! We need a brake from all this for a couple of weeks, we have a house on the gulf coast and we got about 4 feet of water in our downstairs rooms:angry: All I did saturday was clean for lili to come and make her mess, thanks LILI:cry:
  4. Hey Yardman, I have a condo on Hwy 90. Used to be the old Biloxi hotel. They built back as cond's after Camile wiped out the old hotel. We did not get anything. Don't think there will be much to this one down here either.
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    Hey Lawn Choupique, We have a house on the jorduan river in waveland, we got all of our water from the river, it hit us at high tide with all that rain for three days, the river had no where else to go but in everybodys camps:mad:
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    Hey guys I got a good Husky chainsaw that likes to cut. If you need an extra hand let me know. I will sharpen it and be on my way.
  7. Laissez Les bons temps rouler!

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