* Links to other discussion forums are prohibited.

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by gusbuster, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. · Links to other discussion forums are prohibited.
    What does this mean? It’s so broad. What is the point of this statement? I have seen links to other forums before in the commercial and off topic areas. I thought this site was to disseminate information to other lawn care professionals through out the world.

    Not complaining, but I now think that I violated one of the posting guidelines. Didn’t realize I was breaking the rules until reviewing the posting guidelines. My apologies for the infraction. Until I read the posting guidelines, I never did catch the one sentence when I became a member.
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    John, I had posted links to a non lawn related site before I knew of that rule, I had Eric remove the links after I found out. Most every forum has that rule. I saw your post last night and had Jodi take care of it, I'm was sure you were not aware of that rule.

    I think some links may have been missed or the rule was not enforced as much when Eric was doing all the moderating by himself.

  3. Thank you Ray
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    Does this mean that I can't post links to Yahoo! engine clubs, etc.? I can understand LawnSite being in competition with other lawn care forums, but the description in the guidelines is so broad!

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