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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ajmctree, May 19, 2005.

  1. ajmctree

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    does anyone know of a good liquid broad spectrum herbicde besides round up . no matter where look you'll always find it but i'm not having very good success with it this year.I've used the concentrated formula and followed the directions to a tee and i've mixed it stronger and it just not working the what you would expect.
    We've been asked to spray the local cement buissnesses grounds and i need to find something that will actually work .
    Yes i'm licenced ,but mainly do fert and ferrous sulphate aps.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. all ferris

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    What is the temp. up in that neck of the woods?
  3. ajmctree

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    lately the high has has been around high 60's to 70.
    Does temp make much of a difference?

  4. nelbuts

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    Add about 1.5oz. of REWARD per four gallons of your Round Up mix.

    That will get it done. And yes temps. do have something to do with it.

    Another trick is good old Miracle Grow added to Round Up mix. Old weed sucks in the good stuff and the bad stuff follows.
  5. ajmctree

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    Where would you find "Reward" we don't have any major suppliers up here.In regards to temp when is it better in warmer or cooler weather ,i would assume in warmer weather.

  6. hotwired

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    I've also had great luck with the spectracide grass and weed killer. really does work overnight and I always opt for it when it's on sale. It's never failed me yet where roundup has.
  7. Grandview

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    Roundup has never failed me. Try adding Ammonium Sulfate. It prevents the ions in water from binding up the glysophate. Use as much AMS as Roundup. Also for total weed kill, I add a three-way. Roundup is week on older broadleaf weeds, but is an excellent grass killer. I believe Spectracide is glysophate (Roundup).
  8. GreenUtah

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    there are many glyphosate blends now other than the roundup brand, local famr supply stores, golf suppliers and commercial supply houses will likely have alternatives, if you ask them. Temps that low can ****** the effect of traditional r-up to a 10-14 day window. If you need right now, you need to move to the quick pro formulation of r-up with diquat OR get a bottle of scythe to acompany your mix. This will give you the wham bam you are looking for. A little amonia sulfate and even 2-4d can help the effectiveness too. All these things are covered on the label.
  9. green_mark

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  10. BCSteel

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    Which weeds are you having problems with?

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