London Rain ride along on a service day...

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  1. Just a few pics from my travels today which is a typical service day for me.
    1st stop of the day.
    Drip filter blew the top off because the box was caving in and pushed the top off. The drip filter is on the pressure side of the valve. Master valve on system so only leaked when a zone was running.
    Easy repair with out digging the entire box up right next to a driveway was cut notch out for filter.
    2nd stop was locate weeping zone valve. Used 521 and located 10" valve box under 6" of soil. Replaced a Toro 250 with hairline crack and replaced 3 Toro super 700's on this stop.
    We dont see many 1 1/4" lines so I had to get creative with a 1 1/4" slip fix and a few other fittings....

    3rd stop was back-flow test
    4th stop was another back-fow test
    5th stop another back-flow test...using vertical tube.
    6th stop was a system we installed in 96's and this is the first time back since we installed the system.
    Rain Bird ESP8 master valve post stopped working so pump would not fire up.

    Replaced with a Hunter SRC controller...

    Pump after 11 years....there is a pad poured under the pump and the homeowner built a little house for the pump...pump still looks good after 11 years.

    PGP's still running.....

    7th stop was for another controller replacement...
    Optima in a old Toro cabinet...


    Pro-c outdoor installed

    8th stop was for a leak on a lateral line and water company busted the HO for no back-flow.

    Water was connected under the house and valve box was right outside the foundation with a ball valve, only place was under the house.

    9th stop was moving a head, nice red clay we have.

    All cleaned up...
    10th stop was replace 1 head.....PGM out RB 5000 in....
    11th and final stop was back at the 2 wire repair job and now the MV/pump decoder quit working. Jumped wires from decoder #1 to the pump start relay and pump fired up with #1 so I know the MV/pump decoder went bad...and the pump and pump start relay are still good.

    That is a day with London Rain on a service day.
  2. I'm guessing 11 hours of billing and 2100 gross sales?
  3. lol started at 9:00am and finished at lunch and we did stop at the supply house also.....
  4. Actually I redid it. Assuming you do .5 billing
    1 first
    1.5 second
    1.5bcflw install
    1moving head
    .5 replacing head
    8.5 hours billing not including the two wire
  5. That is a repairmans eye Peter, here is my actual charges per stop....

    1 first - $60..00
    1.5 second -$365.00
    .5 -$45.00
    .5 - $45.00
    .5 - $45.00
    1clock - $250.00
    1clock - $295.00
    1.5bcflw - install $225.00
    1moving head - $60.00
    .5 replacing head - $95.00
    8.5 hours billing not including the two wire - $50.00
  6. I'd take a day like that everyday.
  7. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Same here...

    Great pics london..
    I tell you a few miles south and EVERYTHING is different....

    Nice clean up.
  8. Mike Leary

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    You ever lose any tools or employees in that gumbo? I'm assuming the
    bricks in the DCVA pic are to block it.:)
  9. Flow Control

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    1 man service day or two. Sounds like a good days worth of work. Prob a couple 100 in material. What's the list price on that backflow?

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