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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by POWER STROKE, Dec 30, 2010.


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    I am wanting to go legal in lawn care I was just wondering how to.
    I know I need to have insurance and be registered with the city. But do I need to be licensed. I called the City of G.R. and they told me that I did not need a license for lawn care but was not a 100% sure either. I was just wondering what all do I need to have, to be a legal lawn care company.I am going for a solo owner. Just looking for any input or help. Thanks in advance for any help or input.

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    We started out as a DBA (doing business as), went to our bank and opened an account as such. Then, we took the business name (because it was available) and got an LLC. Because of having the LLC I do believe we pay like $25 a year for a business license to our city. Outside of that I'm not aware of any other license requirements. I did get my pesticide license which allows me to do weed control commercially/residentially. Good luck in '11.

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    Thanks 350yddr for the info and help

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