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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Neals, Nov 29, 2000.

  1. Neals

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    Looking for Lawn Care Magazines, useful Web sites, etc.
    Things I should know, advise, bookkeeping, software, books.
    New to the business, seeking anything useful. Thanks.
  2. Bill Crawford

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    Magazines include Pro (; Lawn & Landscape (

    Software includes CLIP (

    Consultants include Phil Nilsson ( and Charles Vander Kooi (

    Other Green Industry websites include GreenZebras (; Green2Go (; and

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hello Neals:

    You can drop by my website, I have plenty of valuable information there. My most popular pages are the V.I.R. Page (Valuable Internet Resources) & the O.P.E. Manufactures page?

    The URL is[/url} it's also in my signature. [url] has mower information than you can shake a lawnmower blade at. I built the website my self & I provided all content on there except for links to other pages. The site has over 700 internel links & over 750 external links to other websites.

    For a one man show (BRAG) no other website on the Internet can even come close to the content for Professionals in the Green Industry! One of the oldest too. Since late 1995!

  4. Hello Bill Crawford:

    Phil Nilsson doesn't have a site there at ( yet he might later!

    He has plenty of websites that sells his Green Industry Related Books.

    I have a subweb that has information about him at my website. There is information there about him, his books & more!

    Here is the URL for more Information about him.

    I personally welcome you to participating on this Great Forum. I noticed it's your first Post.

    I'm sure you can provide all of us with valuable information, knowing that you are affiliated with Clip Software!

    I & many others will look forward to reading your post.
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  6. Neals

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  7. Bill Crawford

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    Thanks for the correction.

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