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  1. Have a system with lousy pressure. I'm convinced the installer put the system on the wrong meter. 5/8". Using 1" for house. I want to swap the service but I'm nervous about screwing up the house. 50psi at house and two story. So I think I'm going to Turn on a couple of showers and shut the 1" down some to make sure nothing gets affected in the house. Just trying to figure best way to get 1" meter to imitate 5/8" meter without swapping meters.



  2. AI Inc

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    Things reasly are different in TX . Ive never seen a metor that wasnt inside the house.
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    No meters inside the house here either, must be a northern thing.

    I've never seen a meter that you didn't have to dig out 3gallons of soil just to read the size. :dizzy:

    So, did ya design the system based on the 1" meter and then hooked into the 5/8" or what?
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    Convinced? As in you had to be persuaded? Or that you know for sure?

    I'll go out on a limb and assume when you say installer you're referring to someone who doesn't work for you?

    When was the system installed? Has it always had low pressure?

    I guess there's two meters? One for irr. and one for house? And the "installer" tapped into the wrong one?

    Really could use a more detailed description of the problem.

    All I can gather is that you think he might have used the wrong meter and now you want to "figure best way to get 1" meter to imitate 5/8" meter without swapping meter". Which not only sounds like a lot of trouble, but doesn't make any sense.

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    Is it 50 psi at the street? One simple test aid is a 'meter spud', which is a pipe nipple of appropriate size and length. But you can go a step further, and make up a meter spud of short nipples and valves, and pressure gauges, and adjust the valves, and see how the house plumbing reacts. If you can choke down the one-inch supply to make it equal to a 5/8 meter, and the house doesn't suffer, then no worries.

    How close are the meters to each other?
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    Close the ball valve between 1/3-1/2 of full open.
  8. Experience convinced. I've worked Dallas irrigation problems for 28 years. Larger meters generally are for the irrigation, smaller meters for the house.
  9. This was my idea as well. Any change in pressure inside the house is going to be noticed regardless how slight.
  10. Kiril

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    If you really want to be sure, I'd go there today, crank it down, then let the client know to watch for pressure changes, and let it ride for a day or two.

    What is the difference in Cv between the two meters?

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