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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kneeboards, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. kneeboards

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    I just purchased a property with 10 Acres, most of it lawn. The current owner uses a Toro rider, which was (according to him) purchased a few years back for $8500. It is not a ZT mower, but rather has a steering wheel. He says it takes about 6 hours to mow the lawn with it.

    I have the option to buy this mower for $3500, or find my own. It seems like it might be worth upgrading to a ZT (I have hundreds of trees, a pond, and lots of obstacles). I am thoroughly confused looking at the sites for Exmark, Toro, Gravely, etc. I don't know what size deck and engine I should be considering. The more expensive units have much faster speeds (Gravely has mowers that they claim will cut 9.6 Acres/hour, I guess that's for a flat empty field, but seems fast regardless), but how fast can you really go when cutting a lawn with obstacles?

    Can you find good deals used? I am willing to upgrade and spend more if it means I buy time (I can get it done in less than 6 hours), but I really know nothing.

    Any advice, particularly on brands/models/sizes/engines/speeds?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. CamLand

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    Can we get some more info on the mower that your looking at. i.e. engine size,cutting deck size and make of machine.It sounds like it's a Toro Groundmaster.Also how old is the machine...
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    10 acres and price is not and issue exmark lazer xs with a 72 inch deck. I don't know about you but I would not be to fond of spending 6 hours just to cut my own yard. A ZTR is something you do want you can get much closer to trees and its a pleasure to drive the lazer xs does 12 miles and hour.
  4. kneeboards

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    The current owner's machine is a Toro, 60" deck, not sure of engine, at least 4 years old. It has a steering wheel rather than twinsticks.

    I test drove the Exmark 60" Lazer Liquid Cooled with a 27hp Kawasaki today. It was great to drive, although it seemed to have a fair amount of vibration when I turned. The dealer said that was only on pavement, than on grass it would drive differently. They offered to bring one out and let me try it on my lawn.

    The dealer recommended a 72" deck, which I can see the advantage of. I don't know about the Liquid Cooled or EFI models. I want to keep the cost down where I can (without sacrificing speed), and this is only for my lawn, every week or two. The dealer says they are at the end of their fiscal year, plus the season is over, but even so they wanted about $8500 for a 2002 60" Liquid Cooled with 196 hours. What would y'all recommend, and what should I pay (new or a couple years old)?

    One last question, should I look at Gravely? A neighbor recommended it.

  5. iamthelawnman

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    the exmark lazer will kick tons of dust in your face. you would be better off
    buying a lesco. number on they are cheaper ,you will get a better job , parts are cheaper and you will find it to be a smooter ride without two tons of dirt in your lap, i have 4 of their mower and i will not buy anything other then a lesco!! i take care of a 5 acre lawn and it takes me 2.5 hours to mow with a 60in. cut and it is down in FL.

    Born to mow
  6. Metro Lawn

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    Gravely is an ok brand, but not one of the best. I would suggest that you demo a Hustler Super Z 60" deck. It is a nice size for getting around and not too big. Has a top speed of 15 mph, though I dought you could stand to cut that fast. (kind of beats you up on rough terrain. I generally cut at about 9mph. It comes with a suspension seat and is smooth in operation. Built very well and user friendly. The Exmark is also a decent machine as well as Scag and others.
  7. robertbick

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    What do you have stock in Lesco??? There is nothing wrong with Exmark... never had dust in my face. I guess your Lesco does not discharge very well.

    2.5 hours to mow 5 acres? That's pretty slow.
  8. iamthelawnman

    iamthelawnman LawnSite Member
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    What do you have stock in Lesco??? There is nothing wrong with Exmark... never had dust in my face. I guess your Lesco does not discharge very well.

    2.5 hours to mow 5 acres? That's pretty slow.

    :blob3: no man that is egdeing, trimming and blowing off
    some freinds of mine has six lazers and every one kcks up dirt.
  9. jsmonroeCT

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    With a 72" deck running at 8mph, you should be able to cut about 5.81 acres/hour. This does not take in obstacles, trimming, etc.

    @80% = (top speed *.80) * deck size/99 = acres/hour
    @100% = (top speed *1.00) * deck size/99 = acres/hour

    I think any of the great ztr's will do well - exmark, scag, hustler, ferris, gravley, dixie chopper, etc.

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