Mowin in the rain

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bassngrasser13, Jul 21, 2001.

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    Is it ok to mow in the rain. I'm not so worried about the equipment it's the time. The equipment is all covered. I would only mow in the rain if it's not lightning or thundering.
  2. awm

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    i dont know if its okay or not butin this buisiness you have to make what you got work. try not to leave clumps and take it real easy on the ought to see some of the home owners
    eyes . they are sure i am crazy as , well. by the way tell them it doesnt hurt the grass as most think it does. tellum as long as there is no leave buildup it wont cause desease or whatever.
    you got to keep up or youll get so far behind ,their lawn really will be a mess.
  3. you are 13 now, relax. dont worry about working in the rain yet. when you have so many accounts where 1 day of rain will really screw you up, then either get an employee, or just go and work. and if you gotta work, just do like you said, stop for heavy down pours and lightning. and if it is wet out watch those with the steep hills, or really tall grass.
  4. Please know that lightning can strike ten or twelve miles in front of or behind a thunderstorm. Over 100 people a year in the US are killed by lightning and thousands injured. It is often disabling and life-changing for the worse because of damage to the brain and nervous system. Most thunderstorms occur in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. This year (2001) has been an unusually active year for thunderstorms. You can tell how far away a lightning strike is by counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder. There are five seconds for every mile. For example, ten seconds between flash and thunder means the strike was about two miles away.
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    Lighting travels 1 mile a second. Not 1 mile every 5 seconds
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    I sure wish I had this problem. It hasnt rained in weeks out here. I may have to lay one of my guys off soon. At this rate I would much rather cut in the rain, than pull up and have my customers lawns look like we had just left.
  7. awm

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    you see the lightening and later you hear the noise .
    light travels 186.000 miles per second or mabe its minute,
    i forget. anyway shes moving on pretty good.
    sound only travels around 600 miles an hr.:D
    it just occurred to me the lightening probaably doesnt travel as fast as light ,so i stand corrected.
  8. It is the sound that travels a mile in about five seconds.

    The light of the flash reaches your eyes almost instantaneously. The sound is slower. By counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder and knowing that sound travels about a mile in five seconds you can approximate the distance between yourself and the lightning.
  9. danlawnser

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    The best advice is if you hear lightning get out of there. I will sometimes mow in the rain when I fall behind. I don't like to do it but try to not blow grass on the driveway. Always make sure there are no clumps. I don't think mowing in the rain is a good idea but sometimes you have too.
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    We only mow in the rain to finish a job, when it rains we just put every1 back n get caught up. But now i wish every yard that i mow was raining we need all we can get looks like im gonan get laid off. We had to mow once in the snow last year, boy was it cold but we had to get them 3 commercials done since it was sunday and i had to go back to school the next day.

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