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  1. To start with they turned my favorite 7-eleven into a KWIK-E-Mart.
    The next set of pics are MP3000 on 12" popups. I didn't install and these were originally 12" pgps in buffalo grass. The heads are spaced about 40' so the pgps were a better option but I suspect the previous irrigator sold them on the water conservation of the MPs. Nonetheless MPs on 12" popups in a lawn look cool.




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    Sell them on the 4000s when they come out?

    Thought you were into Rainbird rotaries?
  3. The problem with RB rotaries is that in my opinion all the heads need to be swapped to prs heads. I stock both now. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Pressure issues are better dealt with the MPs. Wind issues are better dealt with the RBs.
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    OMG... next you'll be telling me that brass spray nozzles have been phased out. :laugh:
  5. We haven't been buying as much of those now that our 20' spaced brass head conversions to 4" popups are being nozzled with rotators. It's a water conservation thing and frankly they do a better job coverage wise. Brass nozzles are better than plastic but rotators are better than brass.
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    SEE... you CAN teach us ol' irrigators something new. Now... if we were plumbers instead... :dizzy:
  7. To The Top...^
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    Thanks for directing me to this thread. Looks really great!
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    I just came in from retrofitting 260 MPs onto a only complaint is that we can't dry set them.....
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    what do you mean by dry set?

    adjust with- out water I assume?

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