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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kemmer, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. kemmer

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    I saw a piece of equipment attached to the back of a dump truck a couple days ago and i should of stopped to look. It looked like it was a tailgate spreader but it had a conveyor where they were unloading mulch. Has anyone seen or heard of such a thing. Im going to go back to the property and ask who they're landscaper is and call them.
  2. Runner

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    It sounds like it may have been that new salt spreader that does dual purpose. I can't remember who makes it, though. It is a bulk spreader, or it holds bags and has a hydraulic "wall" that moves from the front to back pushing the bags into large spikes and the salt dumps down into the tailgate assembly. All you do is just pull out the empty bags. Then, acts as a mulch hauler and empties like this with an optional attachment.
  3. kemmer

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    No its not the buzz box. It was on a full size dump truck, an international with a stainless dump body with high sides and it had the attachment on it similar to a tailgate spreader but it had a conveyor coming from the side. all they did was tilt up the body and turn on the conveyor and the mulch came out into wheel barrels
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    Sounds like a throwing rig. I worked summer for water proofing and foundation repair company. They had a full size dump truck like your describing but it was used to throw rock along the foundation over laid drain-tile. It could probably be used to throw anything that would fit on the belt system. LATER...

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