My return from water auditing 101 (with pics)

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  1. i love Austin. When I come back to Texas this is going to be my hangout area. I camped at McKinney State Park but the two day class was at the LCRA Bldg on Lake Austin Blvd. The Texas A&M water auditing class is an offshoot of the Cal PolyTech irrigation Dept. They have made some modifications and it is a two day 16 hr class as opposed to the IA 12 hr class. The IA class does not meet Texas Size Standards so we don't recognize IA auditors in Texas.:) (That just made my day to hear) Taught by the Prof who is leading the development of the TAMU Irrigation School. He has made his own catch can that is being manufactured as we speak. Will be similar to the Cal St Fullerton can but with a different more effective throat and at half the price. (We're the AGGIES, The AGGIES are WE) Anyway I'm not going to bore you with class pics. I took pics of the LCRA Center. Has a RW harvesting system which serves as the toilet water and the drip water. They reclaim AC condensation which provides 40,000 gallons of water a year. The system runs off the Colorado River. The LCRA has weather stations all along the river to monitor weather. The controller though is a RM Eagle that runs off SAT Data. I noticed the weather stations though had a maxicom hookup. I'll post pics and do the best I can to answer questions.





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    I like it; Austin should suite your closet liberal leanings, too.
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    So did you rip them a new ass for using water from the Colorado?
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    cute pic.... haha:)
  9. There are two Colorados. Ours is entirely within the state and can be managed much more efficiently that the Colorado that has been destroyed by CA, AZ, and Utah.
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    Amazing pictures peter!!!!!!!!

    you are lucky to check that place out!

    so they are using brown and grey water?
    pretty neat....

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