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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wadadlianu, May 8, 2004.

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    Hi guys, I am new here and thinking of getting back into the lawn care business. Honestly I havent done it for over 15yrs and so need as much advice as possible. I have done a few searches, but will still ask the questions just in case I missed out on certain info. I am looking at approaching certain bigger companies in regards to maintaining their property (lawn care) Thing is two of them have land in the area of 20-60 acres. I was thinking of buying a Kubota tractor and buying a batwing mower, but decided to just go with a few zero turns (same cost) I was looking at 2 72" zero turns, 2 52" Sentars, 2 smaller walk behinds. My choice on this is for versatility. Presently Dixie Chopper and Gravely are the ones I am looking at for the 72" models. I prefer diesel for economical reasons. I am however open to other suggestions/advice from experienced owners. Question, how do the DC and Gravely machines compare in long duty cutting and cut quality. One of the companies allows their grass to grow quite high before cutting it, so this is something I will have to consider. Thanks in advance

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