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    Hey guys,
    My computer crashed last night and it pretty well dead. I just bought some advertising space and I need your help. I need a picture of some super bright nice stripes in a yard. I also need a picture with some landscape in it. Maybe some boulder retainer wall with some nice mulch. I am going to try and recover my photos but it certainly won't be quick enough. If you have some pictures you would be willing to let me use that would be great. I am not going to google this stuff and I am certainly not gonna use photos from this site without your permission. Thanks guys. I know goldpro has some stripe pictures that I would love to put into my ad. Comment on here and I will message my company email.
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    Why not buy photos from a stock photo website
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    Any chance some pictures are still on your sd card?
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    If this is the case any computer repair place with any credibility can save the hard drive. If not then stock photo sites.

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