Need help with fall cleanup pricing estimates

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Green Industry Pro, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Green Industry Pro

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    I have a few properties in my neighborhood that I would like to acquire this fall. we have soo many leaves/pine needles etc.. that fall cleanup is definitely the way to go this time of year. I have a general idea of what I would like to charge. I know you have to take into account how long the job will take, wear on your equipment, dumping costs, etc.. but I would still like your opinions. Thanks for all of your help.

    I will make separate posts with pictures of the different properties(separate to keep confusion to a minimum).

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  2. Darryl G

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    The best way to make a customer happy is to do it for free. You need to look at it from the customer's perspective. They didn't put the leaves there, so why should they have to pay to have them taken away?
  3. Green Industry Pro

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    Sorry I wasn't able to upload these last night, but I had some more important things come up. Here is "Property 1" . Tell me what you think you would charge for a weekly lawn maintenance bid. Essentially clean up their leaves each week.

    L&L Estimate pics 012.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 010.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 011.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 008.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 009.jpg
  4. Green Industry Pro

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    I was thinking $50-60. Am I about right? too high too low?

    L&L Estimate pics 001.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 002.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 003.jpg
  5. Green Industry Pro

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    Essentially the same here...clean up the leaves and pine needles. A couple big backpack blowers will probably do the trick on these lawns. I dont think it will take me too long to do these jobs either. I was thinking $65 for this one? We dont have much work to do in the backyard....I'll just run a mower over it real quick. Thanks for the help--Zach

    L&L Estimate pics 007.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 006.jpg

    L&L Estimate pics 004.jpg
  6. jwsland

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    With 2 guys and two big backpacks you should be alright cleaning those up in a couple hours. Where are the leaves going? With you when you leave? What do you want to make an hour? If your totally clueless see if they'll go for a ball park price and let you do the clean up to get a good idea of time, this way you wont loose your ass. I've had customers let me do this before without any problems, sometimes they suggest it. Just make sure your pricing isn't too far off when your done.

    Those pictures aren't showing many leaves!
  7. jwsland

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    What about the roof?

    Try spacing it out a little more than once a week and charging a little more imo. Those leaves haven't really started coming down yet either.
  8. Green Industry Pro

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    Thanks. You are right, the leaves arent falling in full swing yet, but I don't want to sit around and let another LCO pick these up right from under my nose. btw I will probably bag the leaves once I'm done and put em on the curb for city pick up.
  9. jwsland

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    I would inform them that its easier to stay on top of them vs. doing them all at once. And you may have to adjust the price to compensate for the amount of leaves that fall. Don't give them your hourly rate if your going to give them a ballpark price.

    I currently have a large bed and breakfast I work at and the owner requests the leaves be done every time I cut. I gave him a round about price as there are many large trees and the rate at which the leaves fall varies. Starting at around $60 when they first start coming down I do an hour of blowing and tarping. The leaves get drug into his woods. They are starting to fall heavier now so its gets bumped to $120 then to around $200 for the final cleanup. I don't bother getting every single leaf since they are still falling but cleaning the bulk of them off the lawn makes the place look better and its also easier for me to cut. And its soooo much easier doing the leaves a few times vs. once if the homeowner is okay with it. I also cut the grass every time I do the leaves (cut afterward). So along with the leaves and cutting, this particular property takes about 3 maybe 4 hrs tops with me and one other worker. $120 to cut and $60-200 for the leaf removal depending on how heavy they are coming down. They property is always under control, never gets overwhelming or messy and is very reasonable for the homeowners requests and what I want to make. $60-80pr hr with one employee + my other expenses.

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