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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Oct 29, 2000.

  1. JML

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    I just adopted a few of those adopt spots here in town. I have a press release written, its pretty good, i just need a few fellow landscapers to tear it apart and see what they think about it. It is only a 3/4 of a page long, if you are interested in helping me out please let me know, and i'll send you a copy... thanks in advance..


  2. Eric ELM

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    Send me a copy, I can tear anything apart. :)
    I'll be glad to help. My email is below.
  3. sunrise

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    send it on e-mail to me
  4. jeffyr

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    I'll take a look too.

  5. Mark_Christopher

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    send it to me too.... (


  6. ACE

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    I would like to see it also.
  7. ant

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  8. JimK

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    Hi, it's Jim at TURF Magazine. Sure send it to me too at

    One thing I can tell you is that the ad agencies and public relations firms that work for the largest companies in our industry aren't always very good at press releases. We have to work on many of them (well, I did when I was an editor).

    Quick rules of thumb (and this comes from Walter Cronkite, not me).

    1. Quickly tell 'em what you're about to tell 'em.
    2. Then, tell 'em.
    3. Lastly, make sure to tell 'em what you just told 'em.

    Try to do this in ONE page. Few people will read beyond one page.

    Final thought: Don't struggle with it and try to sound like a professor at Harvard. Just write it, check it over ... fix it ... then send it out.

  9. ShortCuts

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    I would also like to take a look!
  10. Ssouth

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    don't know if I can be of any help, but I'd like to see it. If I can help I will surely let you know

    Stuart H. South

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