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  1. ed2hess

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    Have you asked whether they are propane ready? It would make the conversion easier on the gas model.
  2. Atlantic Lawn

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    We have both gassers and diesels, I prefer gas. About anyone can work on them and with proper care the 6.0 will go to 200k without issues. Put seat covers on it right away, after a few yrs the drivers seat tends to wear through. Get the floor mat to if it wasn't included. Enjoy your truck.
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    The diesel is the way to go. Better milage, better transmission, better truck. We have had ours since 2006. It averages 11mpg loaded mixed driving. Change oil every 6000 miles. Thats is the only maintenance it has needed. It still has the original wipers on it. Now that is dependable.
  4. DXN1EL

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    Is Isuzu is the only one that offer a manual transmission?????
  5. vanncann

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    Is there any other good landscape bed manufactures in the southeast???
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    Can't comment on there bed right now but will b able to tomorrow...

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