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    Hey guys!
    My name is Andrew and i am from Plaistow, NH. Currently i run a small landscape business(2 years) that is usually just mowing accounts and maintenance. Right now i have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma towing a single axle doo little (77x12) with a zt, wb, and push mower along with a few weed whackers and back pack blowers. I'm currently attending school up at the University of New Hampshire and during the work year i have about 6 accounts. I also work with another guy out of Haverhill, Mass to get more experience in the work field. My question is to you guys, is how did you all get started? How did you make your money and gain your experience? Just curious... Throw down any advice or question you have!

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    Didn't you just ask this question 2 seconds ago?
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    yes i did. I am trying to delete it from this forum. I am new to this site. Do you know how to delete post that you have made

    Thanks again!
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    Advertise any way possible. Word of mouth helps too.

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