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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by scottmcherry, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. scottmcherry

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    I Have 18 Years Experince In The Landscape Industry And Snow Removal-this Year I'm Going To Venture Into The Snow Removal Business Myself. I Need To Come Up With A Snow Proposal/bid Sheet And Some Sort Of Contract Soon. I Have The Opportunity To Bid A Few Places( 1 30-unit Condo,4 Shops,15 Residential Drives,2 Doctors Offices) That Are In Conjunction With My Lawn Route. I'm Thinking $125.00 Per Hr. For 08 Ram 2500 W/ 8.5' Fisher Xtreme V, And$110/ton For Salt--$38.50/bag Calc.chlor. Are These Numbers In Line Or Not? I Don't Want To Be The Low-baller But I Want To Stay Within Reasonable Range. I Need To Put Pricing Down On A Bid Sheet And Was Wondering If Anyone Had Any Examples I Could Take A Look At. Lawn Bids And Contracts Are Easy--alot More To Account For In Snow. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
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    Join lawnsite's sister site......

    Everybody over there will be able to help ya out. You might even be ble to search and find something on there already. Good Luck.:)
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    as POPO4995 pointed out, we like to keep the snow and ice discussions on

    thanks :waving:
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