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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by LightYourNight, Mar 9, 2009.

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    First of all I use several products from manufactureres who are not members of the AOLP but I do look to members first.

    My point is that some people tend to talk of of both sides of their mouths, not that they don't have the right to.

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    huh? :dizzy: Are you saying that Unique has spoken badly about Kichler too behind their backs?
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    Next time you are in Cleveland please stop by the Kichler facility with your best 50 watt MR16 lamp and fixture. I will glady put one of our 12.4 watt LED accent lights up against your MR16.

    We will get some independent viewers to see if they can tell a difference. If they pick your 50 watt MR 16 over our 12.4 watt LED fixture I'll buy you the biggest steak you ever had.

    I'm sure your 50 watt MR16 fixture is an excellent fixture. I just think you are underestimating Kichler's LED.

    And as far as our slamming your 24 volt system, as you say, "our mass produced letter slandering our 24 volt system", that is a bit misleading.

    Your company makes very good product and markets it quite well. We did what any competitor would do. We sent a letter to our reps comparing our systme to yours. Obviously we think we have a better mouse trap. That is not slander.


    Jack Miller
  4. NightScenes

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    It's good to see you here Jack.
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    Hello Jack. Perhaps an introduction is in order?
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    Hello James,

    My name is Jack Miller and I work for Kichler Lighting. Right now it is past my bed time and I will be out of the country for the next two weeks. Perhaps we can talk when I return.



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    I have to agree with my Nightscaping brother from a different mother (To borrow a lame phrase used by a lame member here). James Solecki arguably one of the finest (if not the finest lighting designer) that canada has ever seen. Forget about Frank Dimarco, Sandy Illiopulus and the Hordek brothers:canadaflag:

    These fixture designs set the industry back 50 years and people knocked Locklin's (May he rest in peace) juice cans. Those juice cans aren't looking so bad right now. At least they had some semblance of shielding.

    What good is a lamp that lasts for 400 years when the fixture has broken or rusted after 3 months. And that is what's going to be compared to Uniques brass and Copper. Hey I'm dumb but I ain't stupid. ;)
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    Always a pleasure talking to you Mike.



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    You as well Jack.

    Sleep tight.
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    Well, once the aim is adjusted and the screw tightened, it is actually difficult to get it back out of its position, so the adjustment stays well....

    The assembly is lame though...

    And the deck lights are actually very nice. Installed them for one of my best clients and they love them...they are not remotely driven, btw... just regular wires...and at 1.9w, you can use small gauge wire that hides more easily in a deck application.

    Just wanted to point those items out :drinkup:

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