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NEW PRODUCTS! - LED Miniature Lamps that are designed to perform!

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Illumicare, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. They have been a long time coming but finally we have a full line of LED Miniature Lamps that have been designed and engineered to meet the needs and requirements of the LV Outdoor Lighting Industry.


    These new miniature LED lamps are available as:

    Single Contact Bayonet - SCB
    S8 Wedge (familiar to many Kichler and CAST contractors)
    G5.3 BiPin
    G4 BiPin
    T5 Wedge

    All of the new miniature LED lamps produce an omni-directional light output just like the incandescent lamps that they replace. They all employ robust heat sinks to keep the high output lamps running at optimal temperatures (whether installed in open or sealed fixtures). The internal drivers are full IC construction (no capacitors to fail prematurely) and are sealed inside the heat sink to protect them from moisture. The LEDs themselves are also sealed to their boards to minimize moisture issues.

    These new Miniature LED Lamps will impress you with the sheer amount of high quality, warm white (3000K) light that they produce making them perfect candidates for replacing all of the halogen and xenon miniature lamps you have been using for years.

    These are truly direct drop in replacement lamps that you can rely upon. A huge step forward in LED Lamp technology.





  2. These lamps, combined with our current line of LED MR16 lamps, allow you to design or retrofit entire systems with LED. No more having to mix 'n match lamp types. And if you go with our warm white (3000k) LED MR16s along with these new Miniature LED Lamps, all of the fixtures in your system will be the same colour temperature.

    Consider building a LED Retrofit Program for all of your existing clients. They can either decide to switch over to LED on an as needed basis (as their current incandescent system burns out) or they can make the switch all at once.

    These new, bright, long lasting, high output Miniature LED Lamps will help to make the transition to LED. There is nothing else like them on the market.
  3. RLDesign

    RLDesign LawnSite Member
    Posts: 145

    Hello James,

    Will there be a 2700K option available? My eye and most clients prefer the 2700 over the 3000, if they have the choice.


    Tanek Reynolds Lighting
  4. At this point we are only producing the miniature line in 3000K. We could make them in 2700K if there is enough support in the market for them. So far, based on sales of our MR16 LED lamps, the market is overwhelmingly interested in 3000K product.

    An important consideration here is CCT consistency; having the same colour temperature available for all of your fixtures/applications is big plus. Warm white at 3000K is quickly adopted and appreciated by designers, contractors and clients alike and the CRI of the lamps is excellent. Once your client's see a full system done in 3000K they might just be 'converted'. I know that I now much prefer it over 2500-2700K that comes from incandescent sources.

    Also, keep in mind that as the CCT of a LED lamp drops so too does its light output.
  5. RLDesign

    RLDesign LawnSite Member
    Posts: 145

    I see your point, but I am matching and retrofitting many of my projects and the 2700K is a closer fit. The color is more important for my clients because that is mostly what they see, without knowing anything technical about the lighting. I am "OK" with 3000K, with a total system designed in that range. I still prefer the 2700K.


    Reynolds Lighting
  6. I just spent several hours reviewing all of the miniature LED lamps that are available on the market and I could not find ANY that come anywhere close to the performance, output or efficiency of these new LED miniatures. They offer incredible electrical savings, superior L70 lamp life, and are designed to operate in highly humid and moist environments.

    These lamps provide you with viable LED alternatives for small scale fixtures in new installations and retrofit applications and they will not cost you an arm and a leg like so many niche style LED fixtures do.
  7. Tim R.

    Tim R. LawnSite Member
    Posts: 87


    Most halogen bulbs put out (what appears to be) an equal amount of light from all sides of the lamp. Your bi-pins look as though most of the light would go straight up from the top of the lamp. I know this will provide adequate reflectivity for some fixtures but not for others. Some path light hats sit lower on the lamp and from appearances it doesn't look like these would allow as much light out the side for reflectivity off the bottom of the cap. Also in something like a Unique stellar where it is reliant on side emitted lamp light off the internal reflector, how would these LEDs be a good choice for that application. It just doesn't seem as versatile as a standard (clear) lamp that has relatively equal luminance from all side. I am thinking of a G4 Bi-pin, like a halogen or xenon T-3. Sorry, my grammer seems poor. I hope you can understand what I am asking.
  8. Hi Tim. The proof is in the sampling and use of these lamps. The light output from the new Miniature line is omni-directional and quite even, making them suitable in a huge variety of fixtures that we have not had LED lamp solutions for up until now.

    In the case where you are using a fixture like the Unique Stellar, or the CopperMoon CM890 / 895, or the Hadco WAML, etc. (where all of the light is directed out of a single plane) then you can use our side emitting BiPin lamp. http://store.illumicaregroup.com/LED-G4-BiPin-3000K-Horizontal-side-pin_p_49.html This comes in two versions depending on how the socket is mounted.

    Give them a try, I think you will be impressed.

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