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    My mom and I move in a house last year around mid July. The place is nice, simple for 2-3 people with a typical 3 wall fenced and 2 entrance to the backyard from each side. Now summer is coming soon and my mom want to get ruin of the recent's owner (i'm gussing) garden area. they were built like a rectangle wooden box like around the 3 wall fence. so my mom want to take it out and put grass on it. I was thinking of something to do to enhance the backyard ... i dont want to see 4 by 11 concrete tile at the backyard door and the rest is grass. I was hoping to somehow to do some basic landscape to make the backyard look good.

    concrete tile is 1/3 of the backyard and the rest is grass

    I dont know what else to say but i will happy to answer any questions


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