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    Hi! I have been listening to you guys for a couple of weeks now and thoroughly enjoy and find it helpful. I am not new to this business per say. I did this in the 80's, made some mistakes, lost my butt and this time around trying to do it right. I would like to pass on some advise I got along time ago: If you want to make money like the other sucessfull guy, do as he does-nothing different. That is what made me buy the 2004 Exmark HP 48" cut rather than a Scag or others. The guys making money here in Richmond use Toros and Exmarks. I also see the disappearance of walk behinds more and more than last time. Luckly for me I have a woman to back me with the money because that Exmark is $7000. To rich for me but what the successfull guy is using.
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    Welcome to Lawnsite and the best of luck to you.
  3. askarvelis

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    Thank you sir. Look forward to learning from you and the me the headaches you have already made.
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    All the best to you. Make sure your next purchase is liability insurance.
  5. askarvelis

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    Can you tell me how to login to all threads instead of one at a time?
  6. askarvelis

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    Got the insurance in October, first thing I did.

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