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  1. supperdude16

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    Hello, My name is Kasdyn I am a newbie
    I bought a self propelled Toro push mower and am looking to cut some grass in CT
    Wish me luck*trucewhiteflag*
  2. supperdude16

    supperdude16 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Here's an update on me thus far on my journey
    Got my first lawn on Sunday for $25 and only had a mower...
    Got my second lawn late last night for $25 and had my self propelled toro mower and a brand new leaf blower I just bought.
    Today at work I bought a weed wacker from a co worker who gave it to me for $25 (money from last night lol)
    Hoping to pick up another account soon. Any advice? lol. Currently driving around with my equipment in my Chevy Cobalt and Bought a cheap truck for $1200 have to wait till Friday to title it and all that fun stuff

    Toro Self Propelled and Leaf blower.jpg

    Weed wacker.jpg
  3. Ditta&Sons

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    Impressive. In a few days you managed to snag a couple of clients and collect the necessary equipment to get more. I think you've done well starting from scratch. Keep it up.
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  4. supperdude16

    supperdude16 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thanks. I'm going to go door to door again on sunday
  5. majb

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    Hello my name is Mike and I'm a newbie to the site. I've been mowing for thirteen years with a 48" walkbehind and everything else Sthil . I'm fixing to buy an Exmark laser z E series or a Scag Tiger Cat. I've taken everyones advice on here and the Demo is tomorrow for both. I am leaning towards the Exmark for quality and the price but I'm not ruling out the scag for the cutting deck.
  6. majb

    majb LawnSite Member
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    Kasdyn sorry for the post still figuring out this site.
  7. easy-lift guy

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    Get your truck operational ASAP. Reason being you don't need to screw up your back now and have really expensive medical bills because your using your back to load and unload your equipment. Work smarter not harder. Otherwise keep up the good work and welcome.
    easy-lift guy
  8. supperdude16

    supperdude16 LawnSite Silver Member
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    majb no big deal it happens. Easyliftguy I see where you get your name from. And yeah really sucks I have some work to do tomorrow maybe one lawn, but the truck is hung with the DMV I have to wait until monday to get the new insurance card and go to the DMV. You know how the DMV is....

    Thanks for the advice though I want to get it working ASAP
  9. supperdude16

    supperdude16 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Started getting a little down, because I had a fall clean up (pick up a bunch of leaves) for $60 yesterday, but the guy said when I got there that he doesn't have the money. I didn't make a big deal about it. I hung out with him a little bit and talked about what he needs done next time and then went door to door. While going door to door nobody seemed interested even the people who have let their grass grow all summer. Maybe just a bad day?
  10. briansprowl

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    Get used to failing with door to door. The percentages are not in your favor. Call people you already know and see if they need work done. Then adk them if they know anybody that needs work done. Also use what customers you have to see if they have work or know someone that needs work done. This industry is more word of mouth advertising. We probably pick up 50 percent of our customers from our current clients referring us to friends. Start there before going door to door.
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