No Rain in NC

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jwl5510, May 31, 2007.

  1. jwl5510

    jwl5510 LawnSite Member
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    How are you mowing these days?

    My lawns all need water bad.

    Have a few not mowed for 3 weeks its killing me.......:cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. LawnSharks

    LawnSharks LawnSite Senior Member
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    We're in the same boat. No rain and now water restrictions for Union County. We skipped some mowings last week for the first time (thank God they are all on contract!!), but this week looks pretty bleak. I rode around Monday and Tuesday and surveyed; looks like we'll only mow about 20% of our customers. Everyone else's lawn is burned up and dusty.
    Hopefully, we'll get a little rain this weekend if the forecast holds up but lately, it's mchanged every day.
    I guess until it rains, we'll keep stirring up some dust.
  3. heybruck34

    heybruck34 LawnSite Senior Member
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    same problem with me. I only cut a few lawns but no side money income hurts, just not as much as you full-time boys.

    What are you able to do/sell to make up for the drought (both rain & revenue)?
  4. LawnSharks

    LawnSharks LawnSite Senior Member
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    Fortunately, I have other income that subsidizes in these slow times. Weather looks a little promising for Sunday and Monday. We might get a little rain but unfortunately we need A LOT.
  5. WeedWhackers

    WeedWhackers LawnSite Member
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    Yeah, No rain here in Greenville NC either. Hopefully we are gonna get some this weekend!
  6. DCE

    DCE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dry as a bone here in Winston-Salem. It's awful. You can tell now the "haves" and the "have nots" in terms of an underground irrigation system. The bad part about all this is even with the first measurable rainfall, the ground is so hard and dry that it will mostly roll off and not soak in. We need to have a few good rainstorms in succession to work it in.
  7. WeedWhackers

    WeedWhackers LawnSite Member
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    Yeah and when it finally rains it will probable be a gully washer. :dizzy:
  8. DCE

    DCE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Always is the case, isn't it? :) Especially, after you put down seed and fert :cry:
  9. WeedWhackers

    WeedWhackers LawnSite Member
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    Tell me about it. I had just put out new seeds a fert. The last time we had a Gully washer. It was suppose to rain a little the next day. A little, Ha. We got 4 " of rain. I have some great grass in my ditch!!! :realmad:
  10. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Just saw the forecast... they are praying for a chance next week maybe.

    Myself, I've been taking a partially paid, partial vacation... LOL...

    It's bad though. I don't know about where you all are, but here, we have had no measureable rainfall since April 15th. Even the irrigated lawns are stressed.

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