Ohio - New Safety Rules for NonCDL Vehicles

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HISnHERS, Nov 9, 2010.


    HISnHERS LawnSite Member
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    HISnHERS LawnSite Member
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  3. AdamChrap

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    Wow that sucks! Biggest problem I see is a lot more paperwork and the impact the driving hrs can have on snowplowing.
  4. Puddle of Oil

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    If you have a 250/2500 while plowing you'll be fine. However the moment you hook up the trailer the rules apply to you.
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  5. BlackBirdWS.6

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    This was the big thing this summer. All i heard about was people getting pulled over but until recently their was no written rules about this and you could not obtain the rules, but i apply with everything. They are getting out of hand though. according to the troopers you need cabin lights on your truck when according to state law you only need them on a 1 ton or bigger. It's getting out of hand, i agree with some, you should have your equipment tied down etc because of a safety issue but almost all their regulations are wayyy out of hand. but this also all started when that wood chipper in pa took out that family...
  6. gasracer

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    So far they don't have that in Tennessee. They voted down the "English" only for D.L. last year. It is getting to a point here where a Trooper can't ask for I.D. or proof of citizenship if the person is Hispanic without them wanting to say there rights are violated.
  7. Lawn Enforcer

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    Minnesota is pretty much the same way now too, I got pulled over a month ago in my '89 Cummins, gotta have the medical card, triangles, fire ext., fuses, company name on door, etc. At least the trooper who pulled me over was pretty nice about it, let me off with warnings instead of tickets.
  8. starry night

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    The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association is also talking with PUCO on this issue. I really don't understand why the troopers would be pulling trucks over to issue warnings since the ruling has not yet become effective. In the case of the Buck & Sons truck, were they stopped for some other reason and then also warned about the new ruling?

    At any rate, the new rules are way more than I think are necessary for landscape trucks and trailers at 10,000 lbs. or slightly more And of course the responsible companies will absorb the costs and the Joe Blows will ignore the rules (and probably get away with it.)

    HISnHERS LawnSite Member
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    Agreed. It's the "middle size" operator trying to do it right and follow the rules that will be most effected.
  10. gasracer

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    A lot around here run with out of date tags,no insurance or proper legal documentation why would they worry about any new rules the state would come up with.

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